Teachers Take Field Trip To Nashville To Talk To Lawmakers

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(Memphis) Last month, parents and concerned citizens rallied at the state capitol for school vouchers.

Tuesday, some Shelby County Teachers went to Nashville to tell lawmakers it's a bad idea.

Proponents says it's about school choice, but the teachers say a school voucher program in Tennessee could potentially destroy public schools.

"As we know all dollars need to be allocated to public education and needs to remain with students being served by the public schools," said Anthony Harris, a Gordon Elementary Teacher.

The teachers also want to make sure all teachers in the state are compensated for their advanced degrees and don't want student achievement scores to be tied to whether they can renew their teaching license.

"We have students who come into our room who think they need to be on the college or university path and they do nothing all year. It doesn't matter how hard you push them, they do nothing," said Blount Smith, a Bartlett High Teacher.

Tennessee lawmakers have been looking at ways to improve the state's poorest schools, many of which are in Shelby County.

Shelby County teachers say they are all for that, but want what is fair for educators and students.

In August, the Tennessee Board of Education said they would begin to link students' academic growth to whether a teacher would get their license renewed.

It is expected to go into effect in 2015 unless the legislature steps in and makes some changes.


  • hateliberalcommies

    Well heck no these “union” teachers don’t want any responsibility,,they are a dismal FAILURE..

  • bestdadever

    Being a a teacher is not easy but like in any job you have good and bad employees. Teachers are the way for the kids that wAnt to learn to be successful …..a good teacher no matter where they teach affects our kids

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