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Shelby County Offers To Help Clear Tree Debris

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(Shelby County) There are so many downed trees and tree limbs littering the streets of unincorporated Shelby County that the mayor says it’s too dangerous, and in a rare move, the county is going to help with the clean-up.

Usually it’s up to residents to clear the debris, but Mayor Mark Luttrell says when big disasters happen, the county will pitch in.

The assessor reported piles of tree limbs that are causing traffic problems and can also attract vermin.

Neighbors, meanwhile, say they’re glad to get the help.

Residents are asked to stack tree limbs near the side of the road, away from traffic, and to call the public works divison or the county mayor’s action center.

Public Works: (901) 222-7705

Mayor’s Action Center: (901) 222-2300.


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