UPDATE: Memphis Police Say Little Girl At Motel Wasn’t Missing 2-Year-Old

UPDATE: Memphis police say the little girl seen at a motel on South Third Street earlier this week was NOT missing 2-year-old Myra Lewis.

Anyone with information concerning the disappearance of Myra Lewis should call the FBI at (601) 948-5000 or the Madison County Sheriff’s Department at (601) 859-2345.

(Memphis) Three people claim they saw missing 2-year-old Myra Lewis at the Discovery Inn on South Third Street.

One motel employee said she asked a little girl about the man she was with, and the girl said he was her dad.

But when the employee saw Myra Lewis’ picture on the news, she called police.

Another employee said, “I seen the little baby and the man.”

The employee told WREG he saw her in a room at the motel with a man.

“When he goes to the store, he leaves the baby inside the room. She never came out of the room until today,” he said. “That’s why the police got here, we called them.”

A woman who works at a daycare next to the motel said her co-worker, who was staying in the room next door to a little girl, also thought she spotted Lewis.

“She seen the little girl outside playing and they got in a white car and left,” Starr Davis said.

The possible sightings led investigators to swarm the motel, although both the man and child were gone when police arrived.

Everyone is hoping these sightings will lead to Lewis.

“I hope we find this baby alive. That’s all I’m wishing and praying for,” Davis said.

Our station in Jackson said they talked to Myra Lewis’ father Monday, and he pleaded for her safe return.

The Mississippi FBI said it is following up every lead.

The Search Widens

The FBI expanded its search for the missing 2-year-old to the Memphis area Monday.

Family members reported Myra Lewis missing Saturday, March 1st.

She was last seen playing with her sister between 10:30 and 11 a.m. outside her Camden, Miss., home.

The FBI is offering a reward of up to $20,000 for information about her location.

“We are confident that information will be uncovered which will lead to Myra’s return, and we continue to solicit the public’s assistance in locating this little girl,” FBI Special Agent in Charge Daniel McMullen said.

Myra is 37″ tall and weighs approximately 27 lbs. She was last seen wearing white or khaki-colored pants, a turquoise sweater with a bear on the front, and pink tennis shoes.

“Obviously we believe there is someone out there with information on where Myra is,” Madison County Sheriff Randy Tucker said.

The FBI is asking anyone who might have information about Myra Lewis, even those from Memphis who may have visited or even just passed through the area near her home in Camden, Miss., to contact them.

The agency has expanded its search to Memphis and all neighboring states in hopes that someone will be able to pass along some new information.

Anyone with information concerning the disappearance of Myra Lewis should call the FBI at (601) 948-5000 or the Madison County Sheriff’s Department at (601) 859-2345.

Local Police Active In Search

When Dani Pinkston heard about the 2-year-old child missing from the Jackson, Miss., area, she got a little concerned about her own kids.

”I thought it was really sad. It broke my heart, being the mother of three children myself. My heart just went out to her parents. You always worry when you hear about a missing child. It just makes your stomach drop.”

For more than a week now, search and rescue workers have combed the area around Camden, Miss., looking for missing little Myra Lewis.

”Obviously we believe that there is someone out there that has information as to where little Myra is,” Daniel McMullen, FBI Special Agent In Charge, said.

Now, local police departments like Southaven are getting actively involved in the search for clues.

”We’ve just heard that for some reason they think she may be, so we’re just kinda working off them to follow their suspicions but no, they haven’t told us any specifics,” said Southaven Deputy Police Chief Steve Pirtle.

That’s why Southaven police are reminding officers about the search at roll call, she’s on Southaven’s internal TV Channel, and every officer has a flyer telling them what to look out for.

Investigators say they don’t have any specific information that places the little girl in this area, but that it makes sense to widen the search to nearby major cities.

FBI agents believe that will lead to the girl’s return.

”I think working with the media and law enforcement we will bring little Myra home safely,” said McMullen.

Southaven brass say the more eyes they have looking, the better chance they’ll have of finding the girl.

”The more the better because at this point the information is lacking and we definitely need information,” said Pirtle.

And that gives Pinkston some comfort.

”It makes me feel better. We have really good law enforcement in DeSoto County and I’m just glad they expanded the search to include more people.”

Because even the smallest clue could lead to little Myra Lewis.


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