Hundreds Of Teens Line Up For Jobs In North Memphis

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(Memphis) Getting out of the so-called "hood" isn't always an easy thing to do.

A lot of teens think the only ways are by joining a gang or becoming a pro-athlete.

Tuesday, the Memphis Police Department showed more than 600 young people the best way to find success is getting a job.

The long line showed that many teens want to do something with their lives.

“I want to be on the right track in life,” said 17-year-old Tra’anna Sledge.

They seemed to know that it takes lining-up and showing-up on days during Spring break to shake hands, fill out applications and meet those who might change your life.

“If he doesn't find a job in here, I am going to get him a job,” said Lt. Steven Ware with the Community Outreach Program with the Memphis Police Department.

WREG told Lt. Ware about Fransisco Franklin, who said, “I am 16 years old and I go to Frayser High School.”

In line, Francisco told us why he was there, “Because there are a whole lot of kids out here selling dope and I don't want to be that kid. I want to try and do something positive with my life.”

He told us that he doesn't want to end up like his father, selling drugs and leaving Francisco to figure out this "life thing" on his own.

“He is telling me the same thing, that he doesn't want to be like his dad,” said Lt. Ware.  “And I told him ultimately he would be in jail or in the grave.”

Lt. Ware says from now on he's going to be Francisco’s mentor.

It’s just one way "COP” the Community Outreach Program under the Memphis Police Department tries to help heal young people in North Memphis.

Holding the job fair, with businesses like Walmart, Sam's Club, and Burger King offering jobs, is another way.

Stats show young people between 18 and 24 commit most of the violent crimes on our streets.

“I can get a job because I am very helpful,” said Sledge.

Teens like Tra'anna and Francisco show that if you give teens the opportunity, they will line up to take it.


  • Reah

    This is a great thing to do for the youths of memphis, my only concern is how many of the youths in this line can properly read and write. The jobs that are listed are all entry-level low paying jobs that don’t require one to have much education. And without education they will be stuck in poverty.

    • Freedomwasawesome

      There are no good jobs left in America. All the decent paying jobs are over seas now. Because everyone wants high pay no matter what they do or education they do or do not have. ( $15 an hour to make burgers and fries)

      No you can’t make a living in the fast food industry. No one was ever supposed to.

      Our kids have no economic future to look forward to

      • Joe Bo

        Fast food happens to be a multi billion dollar industry. You have many making 20 to 60 thousand per week. Not talking Germantown either. Why do you think it cost soo much to purscase a franchise. Thats part of the problem, these places pay small wages, offer no insurance, because most are only allowed to work part time. Next time you visit a fast food resturaunt, leave a tip you embicile.

  • Soul Beat

    Hey I say first thing first get them off the streets. Let them have a sense of pride. Let them see what it feel like to make money the right way and then they them self will say hey I want more I need to go back to school. One step at a Time. I am Proud of all of the young people that showed up so proud.

      • Freedomwasawesome

        I’m sorry. I’ll make it easy for you. There aren’t enough good jobs for the American population Good middle class jobs. When I say no good jobs that is what I’m referring to. There are very few fields of work college grads have available to them that would actually support a decent middle lass lifestyle. Not unless they work two jobs If you aren’t aware of this then you need to unplug and get out of your bubble

  • Soul Beat

    It is very easy to talk behind a computer. Ask your self what value do you offer to the city none. You are a mute point in life. How about that English LOL. By the way if you spent time with just the average child in Memphis you would fine that more than 98% can read and write. They may do dumb stuff but are very book smart kids. I see you can not read nor comprehend the Head Line state: Hundreds Of Teens Line Up For Jobs “Teens” not young adults 20 to 22. So yes for them part time work is very good THEY ARE STILL IN SCHOOL DUMB DUMB.

    • Nonya Bidness

      MCS Grad! ESL, Ebonics was it’s first language. This is the reason the jobs have let the US, who would hire an illiterate like you and actually pay a living wage ……. no one. The labor pool in the US is so bad they have to go off shore to find workers that can follow directions.

      • Thedasout

        That’s what your mouth say. Most African-American teens in Memphis can read and write, even in slang it’s understood. No you are the one wishing they couldn’t read or write, what is your benefits from an illiterate child

  • Thedasout

    It’s about time someone show positive interest in Memphis teenagers, more than African-American teens benefit from programs such as this. If you hate the positive things going on in Memphis you are a part of the problem.

  • subshine

    They help you then take from you and lie like you will have a job they set you up they dont care care

  • Joe Bo

    @nonya bidness What a total mental midget you are. Your comments are almost unbelievable. White America represent over 72% of the population. Soo all that ranting and raving about loosing jobs over seas and illiteracy, you really writing about your own dumb a$$ self. Every time you post, you just reinforce everyone’s already low opinion of your thought processes. Lol

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