Mayor Wharton Plans “Largest Citywide Cleanup” In April

(Memphis) Memphis Mayor A C Wharton is trying to get 10,000 volunteers to help clean up the city.

He’s hosting Faith in Action, a three-day event in April, aimed at fighting blight.

“There is a greater benefit than the actual cleanup itself, and that’s why we are putting so much effort into this,” said Wharton.

Wharton is asking for your help to help beautify the Bluff City.

Here’s the plan: April 25th through the 27th, schools, businesses, churches and community organizations will hit every neighborhood.

Volunteers will pick up litter, wash away graffiti, mow vacant lots, clear storm drains, and board up vacant homes.

Anyone can lend a hand.

Wharton says he’s hoping the a massive sweep fight will solve other problems.

“That carries over to being willing to report crime, work in neighborhood watch organizations or work with police once crime has occurred,” said Wharton.

Wharton has invested a lot of money in fighting blight.

He’s got other projects in the works this spring, including his largest, 25-Square.

Director Onzie Horne recently called it quits. Sources said it was over money mismanagement.

Wharton says his resignation hasn’t hurt the program.

“We will be fully geared up by the time the work really stacks up and gets ready to go,” said Wharton.

25-Square will start when the mowing season starts.

As for faith in action, the mayor’s office is sending sign-up sheets to schools, churches, and neighborhood associations.

For other ways to sign up, head to


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