ABC Waste Customers Say Trash Has Not Been Picked Up In Weeks

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(Millington, TN) ABC Waste customers are stuck in a stinky situation again, with some saying their trash has not been picked up in weeks.

Overflowing bins line Morgan Way in Drummonds.

ABC Waste customer Emma Sterling said she's disgusted by the problem.

"It's crazy," she said. "We have four people in our house. It's insane having to deal with that kind of trash."

For the past few months, customers in parts of Shelby and Tipton counties complained to WREG about trash problems.

ABC Waste has given different excuses, including broken trucks, the weather, and being understaffed.

However, some customers think the excuses are garbage.

"I can understand last week, yes, but this weekend the week before we've had great weather," Sterling said. "There's no reason why they couldn't come out and pick up the trash."

Employees at ABC Waste offices told WREG they were only able to pick up trash one day last week due to the weather.

However, Sterling said it has been much longer than that since their trash was hauled away.

"This time it's been three weeks. So, it's a mess."

ABC Waste said three drivers quit recently, contributing to the slowdown.

While customers will get refunds for last week, customers like Sterling already made the choice to can the company.

"We're looking for another company, a more reliable company," she said.