Website Helps Nab Central Gardens Burglar

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(Memphis) The Benitone family’s security was shaken last month when a burglar broke into their Central Gardens home.

Tyler Benitone said, “We left the house about 3 o`clock and someone intruded through the back door of our house kicked the door in and took two laptops.”

Tyler Benitone turned to technology for help.

“I said alert the neighborhood that someone in the neighborhood trying to take our stuff,” said Benitone.

His family posted about the burglary on next It’s a website they joined just a week before. His neighbor Tracy Wiswall saw it.

“On a whim I decided to check the cameras that I have around the house to see if I saw anything suspicious,” said Wiswall.

Wiswall’s security cameras captured an image from an ally behind his home.

Wiswall said, “At first I just thought he was walking around back and then he ducked into one of my neighbor’s backyards and that kind of put it past suspicious into I need to turn this over to somebody.”

Three days later police found the man wearing the same clothes. He was walking in the neighborhood after another burlgary. Police now believe he is connected to two other break-ins on Melrose and Goodbar.

“Its unfortunate someone broke into our house but our neighbors are watching each other and at least have a system to keep us safe,” said Benitone.

Wiswall added, “Even though I know my neighbors on this block I don`t know my neighbors on the block where it occurred so I probably would not have heard about it.”


  • Wake Up

    He’s being framed. He’s an honor student. Honor students are a tough lot in Memphis though…

    • Arthur

      Whether you are black or white, people have no right to invade or steal property in someone’s home.

      I corrected your sentence so it made sense.

  • Arthur

    “We don’t like to talk about race because we are in post racial society. When it comes to crime in this city, it is young black males between the ages of 17 and 24 years,” said Wharton.

    The sad part is this black thug will be back on the streets in no time and I bet he has a record too.

    • Tracy

      Well he was 19 so most of his criminal record, if there is one, is sealed as a juvenile. A law I think is now outdated…those protections should phase out at a much younger age in todays world. Anything past 14 should be fair game since clearly this is the age that these kids are commiting adult type illegal deeds. If you have been gang banging and stealing since 15 and he is now 19….the jury should know about those acts when he goes to court, but they will not.

  • bestdadever

    Wrong is wrong and someone doing the wrong thing is no reason to call people a monkey. Life is short and you all spend time being mean when you could be trying to be part of the solution. There are always so many racist comments on this site. If you don’t like Memphis then move to where you feel comfortable and happy.

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