Firefighters Hurt, Families Homeless Following Apartment Fire

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(Memphis) Two firefighters are recovering from burns they received while battling an apartment fire that left many families homeless.

The fire happened at the Woodbridge Crossing Apartments near Ketchum and Airways.

Charles McKnuckles was asleep inside with his family when the fire swept through the building.

“I heard the loud bang and somebody scream 'it's a fire, its a fire,” said McKnuckles.

He sprang up and started grabbing everyone in sight.

“I panicked; I'm not going to tell a story. I ain’t ever been in a situation like that that in my life. You know to stop drip and roll, I couldn’t even stop and drop. I just knew to grab kids,” said McKnuckles.

The family tried to run inside and grab a few things, but, “the smoke kept us from going back in,” said McKnuckles.

That’s just how thick the gray smoke was. The flames were vicious. They burned two firefighters on the face but those two are expected to be OK.

Thankfully no one else was hurt.

“I'm a hard sleeper, so I'm glad I wasn’t there,” said Khadijah Maxwell. Maxwell and her family randomly slept at a family member's house last night
Like any other one year old little girl, Maxwell's baby played around as though nothing happened. But for the toddler's parents, it’s surreal.

“Probably wasn’t nothing but the lord. He didn’t let me come home last night,” said Maxwell.

McKnuckles is thanking God too. His family is safe and together.

“We lost everything, but we still living. That's a blessing,” said McKnuckles.

The cause of the fire is still under investigation.


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