Former Stepfather Of Alleged Holly Bobo Killer Speaks Out

(WREG-TV) We got a disturbing view into the home life of the man charged with kidnapping and murdering nursing student Holly Bobo.

For the first time, Zachary Adams’ former stepfather is speaking out and sharing chilling details about his personality.

The man asked that his name not be used and his face be hidden.

He said living with Adams was a terrifying experience and put several people’s lives at risk.

Adams’ stepfather said the house he shared with Zach and his mother, Cindy, years ago quickly became a house of horrors, “It got so bad, my home life, that I would sleep with a meat cleaver under my side of the mattress, because I never knew if he was going to try to kill me or not.”

In 2004, Adams shot his own mother in the leg at point blank range. Adams’ stepfather said things could have ended much worse, “It just destroyed our whole life, because she almost died. If I hadn’t have been home, she would have bled to death.”

In 2005, Adams again threatened his family with a gun.

Officers also arrested him several times over the years for domestic violence.

Last month, they charged him with holding a gun to a woman’s head and threatening to “gut” her with a knife.

So, his stepfather said he believes killing Holly Bobo, would not have been out of character. “I don’t want to portray him as a monster, because he hasn’t been found guilty,” he said. “But if he is, it won’t surprise me at all.”

Adams is being held at the Chester County jail without bond.

His arraignment is set for Tuesday in Decatur County.


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