Substitute Teacher Suspended For Swearing At Students

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(Memphis) A Shelby County substitute teacher has been suspended after a student caught her on video swearing at a classroom full of children.

It all started at Kate Bond Middle School last week.

A parent says her 8th grader told her on Thursday that the teacher was using the F-word and other profanity and screaming at the class.

The parent asked WREG to hide her face and not use her name to protect her child's privacy. Her child was the one who took video inside the classroom last week.

The parent said she is shocked and angered that the school's administration did not take action sooner.

In the video, the teacher can be heard telling the students to, "Shut the f*** up." The F-word is used repeatedly as she yells at the students.

The words are shocking. The parent of a child in the classroom told his family what was happening. "He came and told us that there was a teacher cussing at him in school. So, so it wouldn't be hear say, I told him to take a recorder to school," the parent said.

She said her son shot the video last week. With all the snow days, she did not get to talk school administrators until this week. She talked to the school's assistant principal Thursday. He told her the substitute would be blacklisted.

However, Friday, her son told her the substitute was back in class and back to yelling.

So, she went to the principal, who told her it would be handed over to the Shelby County School Board.

In a statement the board said, "Behavior of this kind by any district employee is unacceptable. The substitute teacher has been relieved from duty while this matter is being investigated by our office of labor relations."

"I was highly upset!" The parent said she is still angered over by the teacher's actions and the handling of the situation. "I don't talk to my own children that way, much less let anybody else talk to my children like that."

She said she is confident the board and administration at the school will take action now, but she is afraid for the students in that classroom, the damage may have already been done.


  • Shannon

    The principal is not racist! Dr.Brown is a great person & amazing principal. The teacher was wrong know one should ever cuss at a child like that. The children are innocent in this!

    • Julius Jones

      Look knuckleheads, … the substitute teacher needs to br terminated, and the principal anf assistant need to be censured for ignoring the situation after it was brought to their attention.

      This is MCS running the SCS, and don’t forget it for a second. They will run down the unfortunate schools not in any of the new muni districts.

      There are very valid reasons why these nitwits’ schools are among the worst performing in the country. You’re witnessing some of it now.

  • Aha!

    I am not condoning what the substitute did. However, the person who shot the video needs to be suspended. SCS handbook is very specific about electronic devices being put away during class. And, if someone is being videoed without consent, that is illegal.

    Yes, the sub was wrong. And, the parent of the student and the student was also wrong. There should be a consequence for the student.

    • L

      Without the video this matter would have never been resolved. My child, a student of Kate Bond have told me teacher’s curse/swear at the students. Without proof there is nothing the kids can do but be exposed to VERBAL ABUSE.

      • Aha!

        The student still broke SCS rule. He should be punished. That is what is wrong with kids today: no consequences for breaking rules. If this would have happened to me, I think I would get a lawyer about the kid breaking SCS rule and videoing me without permission.

      • Hard Truths

        In light of the principal’s failure to take action, videotaping was justified.

        We need to hold people accountable. Race is NEVER an excuse for bad behavior. That “teacher” should NEVER work another day in a school. And the principal’s handling of this should be investigated.

        The substitute is grotesquely unfit for the job. And I have questions about the principal, who had the chance to act, but instead let it slide.

        Principal needs to answer for the way this was handled.

        And among normal people, people with doctorates in education are NOT referred to as Dr. Neither are Ph.Ds, except in university settings.

        I smell WAY too much racially motivated political correctness against the kid and mom who busted this stinkier of a substitute teacher.

    • Pat Jackson

      Aha, ”You are correct in the SCS policy # 6024 related to Cellphones/Personal Communication devices being prohibited in the schools. The real issue not addressed is the student and his or her parent violationg school policy. I do not condone any student or adult using profanity. Those of you, who are commenting apparently have not “walked a mile in the substitute teacher, permanent teacher or principal’s shoes”.

      The real issues are the continuous disregard of authority from the parents and their children daily. I wish all of you could experience, just one day of being faced with, the assualts, verbal abuse, threats, and
      chaos that is present on any given day, in our schools, that are not

      I have said, “video cameras in every classroom would help identify all
      activities and the truth of any issues.” But the system has to protect the children, the very ones who are the real culprits of every issue disruptive. Their parents, in most cases are their role models,

      So, tell others to stop commenting, about issues that are often one -sided. The substitute in this matter, does need reprimanding; but deal with her frustration level and what caused, such an action.

      I know, the insides of the SCS problems faced everyday. Just go to the
      website and see the number of vacancies each day. Go, and apply.

      • Aha!

        Actually, I walked that walk for 25 years. Retired 5 years early last year because of many factors facing teachers, including kids like the one who shot the video.

    • Joe

      Aha… are probbly a teacher…..I would think you would welcome video evidence of verbal abuse of children

      Unless of course, you condone that.

      The parent reported the issue…..the teacher was not removed….so the parent took the next step.

      Too bad a principals hand has to be forced every time to get results.

      • Aha!

        Retired teacher. And the student should be punished for using an electronic device in the classroom. He broke SCS policy. As for the sub, I in no way condone this. There could have been other ways of handling this.

    • Libtard crusher W/facts

      Yes it’s always the OTHER persons fault .. What are you an idiot ?? So if there was a murder taking place in that school and it was your child being murdered and EVERYONE and their mother had a cell phone with video, but didn’t get a video for proof because they were in fear of being suspended, what would you say then ? DUH !!! The student did the right thing to get evidence so that the teacher couldn’t say “I ain’t did nuffins” , you fool

  • Jeremy

    Anybody watch cartoons these days? Family Guy, Simpsons, South Park? Plenty of swearing in those shows & they are all popular. I don’t see any parents complaining about that trash.

  • beejennings

    Smh I guess I will report all the negative comments some of your grown up act like kids by arguing on a social network you guys should be ashame!

  • Kay

    Wow some comments ,the teacher was wrong but as someone who worked in junior high and high school for five years in the 90’s
    Kids were bad then but now I am sure they are worse, teachers I don’t blame u for cussing but u just cannot do it, now they can cuss u but
    U have to show u are an adult, etc.. It has to be hell in the middle schools, those kids are so bad, they have no parental guidance at home.

    • Aha!

      You are so wrong. Cussing at a child is never a good thing. I taught for 25 years and never uttered a curse word at any kid no matter how upset I got at him or her.

    • Joey's #1 Psycho (@porterfield_g)

      Im in 6th grade at KBMS and my class has no delinquents. No substitute has ever cursed at us because they are adults and should act like it. My parents raised me well enough to know that if an adult can’t handle a 12-14 year old group of kids then they are not truly adults. You said that my middle school is Hell? I know whose class that is and it is one of the most behaved 8th grade class in the school. Why don’t you go look in the mirror before you judge someone’s parents and home life because from that one comment I can tell that you have many imperfections since you are judging children not even in high school yet including myself. Please go look in the mirror as I said before. I’m not saying I’m perfect but neither are you. Thank You and Bless Your Heart. :)

  • Shannon

    Unbelievable at some off the comments on here! The teacher was in the wrong and if the school would’ve done something about it at first it would’ve never made it to the news! Some of these ignorant comments makes me sick to see how y’all’s children is being raised!

  • Spell check this BI-TCH

    Memphis pride are you really that dumb. 2% is white kids being bad but honestly that’s a high number. Stop cussing at your kids and they won’t do it to theirs. I couldn’t be a teacher cuz I would lock their A$$ in a closet like that lady did. I’ve heard second graders talk worse than adults. Yes they were black why do y’all have to act like that?

  • snowbeastsareuglyandstink

    Brothers be wary of the white demon and cast out those who emulate them or allow themselves to copy them.

    • mr.matt

      nice video, all i have to do to play that game is look at wreg3 every couple of hours to show a brand new mudbeast

  • Jerri Pe (@jerripe)

    When my son was in middle schools things were bad…I thought many times to just put t recorder in his backpack just to know the truth but in Tenn. it is illegal to record unless you are a part of the conversation. I know as I recorded every meeting during middle school that we attended and those recordings were what helped things get better for my son. I had to get an advocacy law group involved. Yes, I caught the school principal in a lie, he put it in writing and I had a copy, but 7 months later I got to see the video of it with John Aiktins and his personal security in my Bartlett home. My son had been telling me the truth and the school had been the ones lying. Sad but high up people cover for their principals also. If I had to do things over it would of been handled in a much different way. I am glad this mom took it to the news media as that way it could not be covered up like our case was. Yes, the student broke a rule but how else could he prove it. No, the student should not be punished for making a wrong right. My son was searched many times during his middle school days and how I know he always came home so upset they did not put his backpack back like it was before they searched it. He would meltdown at home about it.

  • MissTee

    I used to be a sub. I never cursed at the children, and don’t condone such behavior. However, the idea that these are innocent babies that have never done anything wrong is absurd. They don’t give you a lot of training on how tto deal with unruly behavior, and I guarantee you these eights graders were over the top unruly. Middle school always is. It is a middle school age kid’s mission in life to drive adults insane, even the good kids. When there’s a sub, they believe there will be no consequences. Looks like there won’t be for this group.

  • Joe Bo

    We talk about undisiplined children, the majority of the commits posted are from undisiplined Adults. Undisciplined Children become undisciplined Adults.

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