Substitute Teacher Suspended For Swearing At Students

(Memphis) A Shelby County substitute teacher has been suspended after a student caught her on video swearing at a classroom full of children.

It all started at Kate Bond Middle School last week.

A parent says her 8th grader told her on Thursday that the teacher was using the F-word and other profanity and screaming at the class.

The parent asked WREG to hide her face and not use her name to protect her child's privacy. Her child was the one who took video inside the classroom last week.

The parent said she is shocked and angered that the school's administration did not take action sooner.

In the video, the teacher can be heard telling the students to, "Shut the f*** up." The F-word is used repeatedly as she yells at the students.

The words are shocking. The parent of a child in the classroom told his family what was happening. "He came and told us that there was a teacher cussing at him in school. So, so it wouldn't be hear say, I told him to take a recorder to school," the parent said.

She said her son shot the video last week. With all the snow days, she did not get to talk school administrators until this week. She talked to the school's assistant principal Thursday. He told her the substitute would be blacklisted.

However, Friday, her son told her the substitute was back in class and back to yelling.

So, she went to the principal, who told her it would be handed over to the Shelby County School Board.

In a statement the board said, "Behavior of this kind by any district employee is unacceptable. The substitute teacher has been relieved from duty while this matter is being investigated by our office of labor relations."

"I was highly upset!" The parent said she is still angered over by the teacher's actions and the handling of the situation. "I don't talk to my own children that way, much less let anybody else talk to my children like that."

She said she is confident the board and administration at the school will take action now, but she is afraid for the students in that classroom, the damage may have already been done.

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