Roof On Poinsett County Road Dept. Shop Collapsing From Melting Ice And Snow

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(Harrisburg, AR) It's been a hectic week for road maintenance crews across eastern Arkansas.

The sun is finally doing what the crews apparently could not, clear the ice and snow from interstates and highways.

But now the wintry mix is turning into lots of water and that's causing the roof to  collapse on, of all places, the Poinsett County Road Department shop.

It looks and sounds like a rain storm inside the Poinsett County Road Department's maintenance shop in Harrisburg, Arkansas.

It's caused the roof to sag and leak like a sieve. And it's been that way since Tuesday morning.

"Some of the road workers were here in the office, getting ready for work and heard something happening out in the shop," said Asst. Foreman Wade Lamb.

What happened was the roof on the 55-year-old building was packed with ice, sleet and snow.

As it started melting the weight became too much for the metal roof to hold, but no one knows exactly how much the melting ice actually weighs.

"The insurance man that came out. I believe it was yesterday(Thursday), said that water weighs roughly eight pounds per gallon. And how much was up there? Who knows. All I know is it's getting lighter by the minute right now," said Wade Lamb.

Friday, workers who would normally be out checking Poinsett County's road conditions, were removing important files from the shop office so they wouldn't get wet.

But no one has been able to remove expensive equipment from inside the shop or make any repairs to vehicles, because it's unsafe to go inside the building.

"We have no place to do maintenance on our trucks or our equipment. That's our biggest concern right now, just finding a new place to work out of," said Wade Lamb.

Right now the only thing holding up the roof is a steel framed hoist.

Lamb feels like it's a wait and see game as to whether the roof is finally going to come down.

"If it was going to fall it probably would have already fallen. I feel pretty safe walking in here at this point right now," said Lamb.

The Poinsett County Road Department shop is also the office for the county's landfill.
We're told the building may be too old to repair and a completely new shop may be the only option.