Memphis Ballpark For Inner-City Kids In Need Due To Thieves

(Memphis) A South Memphis baseball park that helps inner-city kids stay out of trouble is scrambling to get enough equipment to play this season.

“We haven’t had anyone come forward. We are just going out and hitting the doors and trying to get us a dollar or two anywhere we can,” said Larry Mells.

It has been tough for Jesse Turner Baseball Park Manager Mells.

Bats, balls, equipment, copper from the score board and aluminum from the bleachers were stolen last October.

Hilliard Grayson, 52, was arrested on a number of charges including theft and burglary. He is awaiting trial.

Mells said police couldn’t find the equipment he stole.

The park manager said they have been able to receive some donations, but right now, they are in need of bats, ball and cleats, “It is a terrible loss, because we gave those kids bats, balls, everything donated by Nike.”

It was donated to kids who couldn’t afford it.

Mells said 600 inner-city kids play baseball at the park.

It costs little to nothing to sign up, and it keeps the kids out of trouble during the Spring and Summer.

“Our goal is to impact as many kids as we can and keep them away from crime,” said Mells.

Mells said sadly, this season will be different.

The kids will have to provide their own equipment.

He is just hoping it doesn’t keep the away from their field of dreams.

If you would like to help out:


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