Mall Safety: What To Do In A Crisis

(Memphis) What are you thinking about as you shop?

Is it your shopping list ? Is it your next stop?

Most people aren’t thinking about what turned into reality at Oak Court Mall Thursday night, a person inside firing a gun.

“In that instance I don’t know what I would do. You think you go into a facility like that, safety is somewhat better than it is,” says Felisha Turner of Southaven.

Not knowing what to do can put you in danger.

Southaven Police Chief Tom Long spent years teaching tactical training for special police operations.

Long says the average  person isn’t ready for the unexpected, “They don’t prepare and because of a lack of preparation, they don’t think anything can happen.”

So when  a gun shot is fired, they don’t know what to do.

“They are gonna look to see what everybody else is doing. They want verification of what just happened and by that time it may be too late for you,” says Long.

He says just like you do on a plane, know how to find the nearest exit.

As soon as there is a sign of trouble, run for it.

When you move away from the threat, you have a greater chance of survival.

If you can’t get out, as a last resort get down. Hide and don’t come out until you are sure it’s the police who are outside and not the shooter.

“Police will find you. All of sudden you will hear nothing but radios crackling, a lot of activity, ambulances arriving, people going in and out and you hear conversations,” says Long.

Being prepared can be the very thing that keeps you alive.

“It’s the what ifs in this day and age. You are crazy not to address the what ifs,” says Long.

Police continuously train on how to respond to mall shootings.

Mall  employees may also get procedures to follow from their employers.

As for the average shopper, you probably  want to know for yourself what you will do to keep you and your loved ones safe.


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