Germantown School Board Withdraws Tuition Fee

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(Germantown, TN ) The Germantown school board voted Friday to change the tuition policy the board passed Monday.

In an emergency meeting called Friday night, only three of the five board members were there to vote.

In a 3 - 0 vote, the board decided not to charge tuition.

The fee would have been $200 for non-Germantown residents.

It's believed the fee, similar to what MCS and SCS previously charged, would have mostly affected about one thousand Collierville students who now attend Houston Middle and High schools.

Collierville's Board of Education voted unanimously Tuesday night not to charge non-resident students to attend their schools.


  • smith

    They should have charged the fee .Why! should be not paying for the school get a free ride. Germantown you made a mistake.

  • Aha!

    I live and pay taxes in Collierville. My neighborhood is zoned for Houston. I DO NOT want my child to go to Houston schools.

  • Ric

    Guess the elected official wants all meetings private in violation of Tennessee law. What exactly are they hiding, or trying to hide, there?

    I’m sure the judge didn’t notice the flip-flop. Right!!

    Great job by the media. Watch these clowns like hawks…..

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