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Oak Court Mall Shooting: One Person Shot, Four Possible Suspects Detained

(Memphis) One person was shot and four possible suspects have been detained after a shooting at Oak Court Mall, according to Memphis police.

The injured man is in critical condition the MED.

Police say a car at Tuckahoe and Goodlett is a possible suspect's car and is connected to the shooting.

Shoppers strolling through the mall heard shots fired from the lower level.

"It was a big bang,” shopper Mercedes Frazier said. “It sounded like something big had just fell on the ground."

Witnesses say two groups of young men started arguing just before the shots were fired near the store, LOFT, while others say it was closer to the food court.

Nonetheless, a man was shot, and everyone we spoke with said it didn't look good at all.

Frazier was inside a store when she realized what she heard was gunfire.

“It was really crazy. I was twitching and shaking. I was really scared,” she said. "All the stores started closing the doors and I heard people screaming and running. We all just ran to the back of the store.”

Employees and shoppers tell us they took shelter in the stock rooms of stores, feeling helpless since all they could do was sit and wait while police swarmed the mall.

"We were back there for a while. There were babies back there with us, little girls that were crying and it was really sad,” Frazier said.

Lisa Duncan, another shopper, said, “The sad part for us is we have not shopped this mall in probably five years."

Duncan and her friend Cookie Farrell were walking out of Dillard’s when the chaos started.

"The security guards were running and they told us to go back into Dillard’s. Some lady at a shoe store let us in and there was a little girl in there saying she saw someone getting shot,” Farrell said.

"Oh my God, it was horrible," she added.

At about 7:30 p.m., Oak Court Mall released the following statement:

There was a security incident and one victim was taken to the hospital. Our thoughts and prayers are with the victim and their family. Customers and employees are leaving the mall, which will be closed for the rest of the evening, while the police further investigate this incident.

Click here to see tweets from people who were inside the mall or had friends or family inside the mall, as well as reactions from others about the shooting.


  • K Mem

    Wait, we keep hearing that crime is down in memphis. The first 10 minutes of every news broadcast starts with shooting incidents and incidents like this one, but we keep hearing that crime is down. At what point do we say enough of this? .

  • What's On TV

    Awww, wasn’t it sad news about the poor white girl that was killed? Senseless act of murder I would say! Oh wait a minute, isn’t it sad news about the person who was shot at the mall. Blacks maybe monkeys, but the whites must be wet dogs. IJS
    YAWN, if your are unsatisfied with the city move away. Problem solved!!!!

    • veritas

      I suggest you quit making light of a terrible situation like the Holly Bobo case. The difference between black crime and white crime is white criminals can make it as HACK5OR… don’t make me get into your computer….now, apologize for what you said.

  • Jake

    All i can say is half of these comments are just as stupid and sensless as the shootings you speak of. White black or yellow. Lives are being lost. This isn’t a pissing contest of who is the better race. Stupid comments as such show the real situation. To many fingers being pointed and not enough fixing. Whether it be Zach Adams or a black youth. People are dying. Wake up your racism and one way thinking is the majority of the reason our world is what it is

  • K Mem

    Despite the negative press, these guys were caught not too long after that thanks to the men in blue doing their job. We keep hearing that crime is down but every single news broadcast spends the first ten minutes talking about a reckless homicide or a shooting of this nature but were are expected to believe that crime is down.

  • veritas

    Funny how all of this is just itching to start a race war. I can feel this city’s tension! Zbo would not approve.

    • joe

      The race war would be short and fast….considering thugs can’t aim they spray bullets all over the place, they’d be out of ammo fast and sitting ducks.

  • smith

    Folks its not going to change until we get rid of AC and Tony . We just need to teach the fools to shoot better, to many people going to the hospital on the taxpayer dime.

  • Reality

    In general, I will NOT shop at any store, mall, or public facility where there are signs stating NO GUNS ALLOWED EVEN BY LICENSED PERMIT HOLDERS.
    These businesses are advertising
    “Welcome Criminals, Please come in and do as you like to our patrons”
    If I must go in one of these businesses, I am always armed and will take the fine if caught. My family’s life is more important than a businesses bottom line. If I can afford to be a licensed gun owner and afford the gun and ammo, I can take the fines.

  • JoseyWales

    The numbers don’t lie…5 safest cities in the country-majority white. 5 most dangerous cities in the country-majority minority. The murders are represented about 50/50 in total numbers but when you factor in the percentages of population (about 72 vs 13)
    , it shows blacks about 8 times more likely to commit murder. Don’t believe me? Look up the numbers on the DOJ page. Now you can put on your pc blinders and pretend that this can happen “anywhere” but here’s a pop quiz…Hickory Hill was once a nice place…what happened? Parkway Village was once a nice place…what happened? Memphis itself was once a nice place…what happened? Answer those questions honestly and you’re on your way to turning around the city. Answer those questions with a fear of making people upset and you allow this city to continue its downward spiral. And for those who say, “crime can happen anywhere”…tell me you decide to go for a late night stroll for some exercise. You’ve got a choice, you can take it in Germantown or in Orange Mound. Where would you rather take it?

  • Reality

    Dear Criminals:
    I don’t care what color you may be, male or female, if you start shooting near my kids or anyone else’s kids, I will show you what a licensed gun owner will do to you.

    To Business Owners,
    Do you not realize it’s better to have 50 licensed gun owners, who are legally armed shopping in your stores, than 1 who isn’t licensed but armed in your store? How often are businesses robbed or shootings happen where the majority of criminals KNOW they may be outnumbered by armed citizens? Very few. How many robberies take place at a gun range? If I had a business you better believe there would be a BIG sign on the door welcoming all legally licensed gun holders.
    SIGN: “We Support and Encourage Licensed Gun Owners to Carry in Our Store”

  • Julius Jones

    All kidding aside, folks, blacks are responsible for virtually all violent crime in Shelby County & Memphis.

    It’s a disgusting fact, but it’s absolutely true. They have ruined any chance for a decent quality of life in most of Memphis, and are working on the County now.

    The critters are also responsible for the shabby academic and decorum performance of the local schools.

    Say what you like about this post, but you can’t say it’s not true.

  • Joe Bo

    Lady in Florida drove into ocean in Florida, trying to kill own kids.Andrea Yates, murdered her 5 kids. Whats going on?

  • Long Gone

    Well some good could come from this. After the mall closes when the customers leave. The county will open a license station and it will reduce the wait times on summer.

  • Thinkers24

    Can’t wait to move. This is one of the top 10 most racial and violent towns I’ve ever come across. This includes many towns not even in the U.S. So many illiterate, unhealthy people. So, yeah, see ya and good riddance!

  • Shaun Money

    Very sad story but this could have happened anywhere in the world in fact   movie theater mass shooting ring a bell ithave

  • MikeBarret

    If the thugs will come rob stores at Wolfchase they’ll go to your precious Carriage Crossing too. Germantown isn’t safe either don’t you remember when the idiots were shooting at each other right by the police station?

  • Cary Miller

    I guess you forgot about the woman who was abducted in broad daylight from the Sonic in Collierville, along with her dog, by a gang of criminals, and eventually murdered miles away. Lots of stuff happens in Germantown, too. Don’t fool yourself.

  • Maximum

    Went to visit some friends in Kentucky got up early one morning and was reading the news paper when I finished I ask my friend if their crime report was published once a week or if he had taken it out to avoid embarrassment he just sat back and started laughing. Their paper had one crime story about a domestic violence case 1 STORY not multiple sections. The type and number of crimes we endure are not everywhere, they are not just in Memphis but there are areas where thugs have not taken over the government, police, politics and every other controlling force.

    Mall of Memphis, Hickory Ridge, Peabody Place, Raleigh Springs just to name a few who have gone down in flames and now Oak Court and Wolf Chase are in their sights.

  • Senseful

    You’re right. Luckily for you black people only kill one other black person for petty crimes huh? While white people do serial killings or shoot up the movies to innocent bystanders. Idiot. Prayer is needed in this lost world.

  • Joe

    Yeah, and how many rich people in that area do you bet are conceal carrying and will not hesitate to use it on those jungle rejects? More than you think.

  • polo solo6

    Don’t play those 1950 brain wash game. If you say it enough don’t mean nothing. I don’t like liars and you are a professional one. Posting links like somebody care. Don’t nobody care that the only thing you got in life is hate.

  • Joe Bo

    Just in the last 500 years you could repopulate the world several times, if you could bring back all the people killed by the hands of caucasions. You are the only people in history who managed to wipe out, exterminate, extinguish, entire human civilizations. Who does this? . You like a plague, or a cancer..The good thing is, it’s about to run its course.

  • Nite Watch

    Interestingly the whies arrested are running 75% femail. In all fairness this is looking at a short window of time, 10 to midnight on a Thursday night.

  • Terrie

    Wow. Polo has some serious Mother issues. You, dude, are full of bitter hatred & you need to go someplace else to spit it out. Most of these posts are true & you & your kind know it but you’re just too embarrassed to admit to it. Stick your heads in the sand & protect one another. That’s going to get you & yours far in life.
    Just don’t kill the white hands that feed you.

  • Joe Bo

    Here is a thought, why dont every last one of you pack up and go back to Europe. You were never invited here anyway. You imported your ghetto society all over the world. Europe was the first place in the entire world to produce ghettos. Why do you think your Europeans ansestors fled? Entire Euro families fled accross the Atlantic, taking 6 months to sail. You brought your desease and ingnorance with you. You are the the descendents of Euro-Trash.

  • MikeBarret

    got that right! And now hundreds of years later we are still paying for our ancestors’ mistakes

  • Ida

    Joe Bo, I like you, but these people cannot handle the truth, so stop wasting your time. Referring to the Jungle as if it’s an insult should give you a clue, if all the backwoods trash talking did not. They failed History, Geography and apparently, Language. They are trapped in the ignorant caves of their minds, like their inbred Neanderthal ancestors- who have wrecked havoc the world over.

  • Julius Jones

    Say whatever you like, knucklehead, … but you can’t run from the facts.

    For 13% of the population, you blacks are way over represented in every crime stat, especially violent crime.

    You are also always at the bottom of the academic totem pole, as well as any standard test measuring intellectual capacity known to mankind.

    If our forefathers saw what was going on today, they’d have gladly picked their own cotton. You’re much more trouble than you’re worth, always have been and always will be.

  • For Real

    Seriously, what is this “truth” you speak of? Post some facts to back up those big lips of yours.

  • joe

    I feel safer around “backwoods” people and their trailer parks than I do around a bunch of baggy pants goons in the ghetto.


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