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Review Of Big Arkansas Road Problems Sought

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Escort: Donnie Mitchell

(Little Rock, AR) Two Arkansas senators want a review of what led up to thousands of people being stuck on I-40 and I-55.

Most people were stuck, due to an ice storm, from Sunday night until Wednesday.

Senator Keith Ingram of West Memphis and Senator Johnny Key of Mountain Home drafted a letter requesting both the Senate and House transportation committees hold a meeting with the highway department.

Thousands were stuck in traffic, many for 10 or more hours.


  • Joe

    cant plan for that…….cant store tons and tons of salt for years waiting for something like this to happen

    cant buy sno plow trucks to be used every 14 years

    End of Review

  • Terrie

    Maybe you can’t store loads of equipment for years but, the entire situation could’ve been handled better, faster & without finger pointing. The Mayor is pointing at ADOT & ADOT is pointing at the Mayor. Grow up already.

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