People Living Near Oak Court Mall Concerned Over Recent Violent Crime

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(East Memphis) It wasn't long after the shooting at Oak Court Mall Thursday that Memphis Police had suspects in custody less than a mile away.

Four of them were found in a white Lincoln Towncar at Goodlett and Tuckahoe just north of Poplar.

The area was sealed off, leaving people in the neighborhood concerned about their safety.

"They chased the suspects and it ended right here on our street on Tuckahoe, " said Matt Robbins.

The scene was a disturbing one for Robbins and his family.

They live on Tuckahoe, just a few houses from where police had the white Lincoln pulled over and several persons in custody.

"We have small children and obviously it makes us really concerned about the safety of our family and our neighbors and people in the area," said Robbins.

He said he's concerned about the increased crime at Oak Court Mall and how it affects the neighborhood where he and his family live.

"It's a little disheartening that the Mall seems to be where a lot of stuff happens or starts. And because we live so close to the Mall, a lot of times things will happen around the neighborhood," said Robbins.

Yellow crime scene tape stretched across Goodlett just north of Poplar till almost 9 Thursday night.

Drivers who normally use Goodlett were turned around and had to find another route.


  • Joe

    Classify all gang members and hood thugs as domestic terrorists and have them removed from society. They are no different than Al Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood..they terrorize, use violence, and destroy society. Strip them of all rights and throw them into Guantanomo. Oh, but that would be so horrible because they deserve a chance right??

  • anna

    so glad to be out of the cesspool of memphis tn. Dirty cops, dirty politicians, this whole town is scum.

  • Mark

    The people of that neighborhood need to take a stand and get answers and DEMAND that Oak court Mall increase security and do whatever it takes to keep Oak Court from becoming the next Hickory Hood Mall. It’s still a very nice mall, but it’s in danger of being abandoned by people who have money to spend there.

  • Gia

    I completely agree with Mark. People who live in that area should get involved and DEMAND more security. Also MPD needs to be involved and heavily visible at all times of night and day. I hope citizens in the neighboring areas do not just give up and move. That is what happened to Hickory Hill, Whitehaven, Raleigh and other formerly nice areas of Memphis. People need to stand their ground and not let the thugs overrun the lovely area of Oak Court. If that happens Memphis will be another step closer to becoming the southern Detroit. Nice and safe places in Memphis are few and far between and something drastic needs to be done to preserve the precious pockets of “normal life”.

  • For Real

    It’s Memphis. Doesn’t matter what part. If it’s in the city limits and “protected” by Memphis’ finest, there will always be crime. MPD is too busy writing 5 mph-over and tinted windows tickets. Crime in this city starts from the top down and until that changes, nothing else will.

  • fromHarborTown2OrangeMound2LakelandTN

    It is not the neighborhood’s fault. It is not any particular race or ethnic groups fault. It is not the police fault. It is the MALL’S FAULT.

    The stores you have in the mall will attract a certain kinds of people, and its seems this is where it is headed.

    Mall of Memphis and Raleigh Springs Mall:
    Very nice malls until Wolfchase mall was build. A lot of the department stores moved there, and so begin the decline.

    Hickory Ridge Mall:
    Very nice mall until, stores pick up and just moved down street to the HACK CROSS area.

    When you have a Metro PCS located in your mall, that’s not a good sign.

    • Wake Up

      Stick your head back in the sand. Mall of Memphis, Peabody Place, Raleigh Springs – they have one thing in common…

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