People Living Near Oak Court Mall Concerned Over Recent Violent Crime

(East Memphis) It wasn’t long after the shooting at Oak Court Mall Thursday that Memphis Police had suspects in custody less than a mile away.

Four of them were found in a white Lincoln Towncar at Goodlett and Tuckahoe just north of Poplar.

The area was sealed off, leaving people in the neighborhood concerned about their safety.

“They chased the suspects and it ended right here on our street on Tuckahoe, ” said Matt Robbins.

The scene was a disturbing one for Robbins and his family.

They live on Tuckahoe, just a few houses from where police had the white Lincoln pulled over and several persons in custody.

“We have small children and obviously it makes us really concerned about the safety of our family and our neighbors and people in the area,” said Robbins.

He said he’s concerned about the increased crime at Oak Court Mall and how it affects the neighborhood where he and his family live.

“It’s a little disheartening that the Mall seems to be where a lot of stuff happens or starts. And because we live so close to the Mall, a lot of times things will happen around the neighborhood,” said Robbins.

Yellow crime scene tape stretched across Goodlett just north of Poplar till almost 9 Thursday night.

Drivers who normally use Goodlett were turned around and had to find another route.


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