Ice Storm Causes Damage At Used Car Lot

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(Shelby County) People are picking up the pieces after days of dealing with a crippling ice storm.

Since Sunday night, the winter storm has been causing headaches for hundreds of thousands of folks in the Mid-South,  like a used car dealer in north Shelby County.

If you've traveled Highway 51 north of Memphis, then you've passed Carson's Auto Sales, a fixture here since 1979.

A huge tree now laying across Carson's sales office is a more recent - and clearly unplanned for - addition.

Owner Allen Carson said he is relieved the ice-covered tree toppled early Monday morning, when none of his workers were inside.

"Over here, we wrote regular receipts, somebody making payment's on a car," he said. "And over here on this other side is where we wrote up the deals on people buying cars."

The ceiling has fallen, the floors are covered in water...and now there's a "skylight" in the attic.

"See up there? You used to could walk around up there, but you can't anymore."

Could things get any worse? Yes.

That's because the other half of the hundred year old tree flattened Carson's repair shop and a valuable car inside.

"There's a Mustang right there. It's about three feet from this wall."

That's right, a 1965 mustang 2 + 2 valued at $25,000.

"It's underneath there. It's probably about two feet tall now, for real."

Carson said he believes the stately tree was just no match for the ice storm.

Several other cars were hit by limbs, but the rest are still on sale.

Carson moved his office to a house next door and doesn't plan on missing a beat.

"I don't want to be operating out of that little house. I want back over here in my office. We'll get it fixed up. It may take three or four months or longer. "

Carson's had eight people offer to cut the tree up and remove it, but he has to wait on his insurance to photograph the damage to file a claim