Family Moves From TN To CO For Medical Marijuana

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(Memphis) Lawmakers in Nashville are talking about legalizing marijuana for medical use.

One family with ties to the MidSouth is trying to help by taking away the stigma attached to legalizing the drug.

Millie Mattison is 2-years-old today and she's been a fighter since the day she was born.

She has constant seizures up to 300 a day.

She is now one of the faces of medical cannabis, and part of the campaign to legalize marijuana for medical use in Tennessee.

Her father, Penn, testified in a hearing yesterday in Nashville.

"I do not believe our daughter was beyond help. I do believe that she and a multitude of others have hope with medical cannabis," said Penn Mattison.

The Mattisons moved from Tennessee to Colorado so Millie can be treated using medical marijuana. Since the family's move in January, they've already noticed a big difference.

"Now, she is able to see me and I'll move to one side of her peripheral vision and she'll follow me and that along is just the greatest feeling in the world," said Nicole Mattison, in a telephone interview.

But those moments can only be shared with Millie's extended family in Memphis and West Memphis if they travel to Colorado.

They can't bring Millie back home to Tennessee.

"We can't leave the state. we can come to Tennessee. We'd have to leave Millie's medication behind which that could be very dangerous. Taking a medication that a child is on and just stopping it all of a sudden," said Nicole Mattison.

The Mattison's have hope Millie's story will change minds in Nashville of those who doubt the promise of medical marijuana and for those who can't get past the stigma attached to a drug that's still illegal.

Penn Mattison was joined by eight others who also testified about the benefits of medical marijuana.

Lawmakers could decide as early as this session to make the drug legal but it would be for medical use only.


  • joe

    No Mr. Mattison, please stay so that Obama’s medical staff can prescribe pills that have 20 side effects and turn you into a chemical monster, the government knows what’s best for you!

    • austinandjustin

      @Joe. I have no idea why you feel the need to somehow blame President Obama when marijuana has been illegal federally since 1937. Some people would blame President Obama if an asteroid hit the earth. If you truly feel that marijuana, medicinal or otherwise, should be legal in TN you should try convincing our state government. Good luck with that.

  • Hope

    Signed and shared. I would do whatever it took to give the ones I love an option outside of pain pills, Benzo’s, etc. No one should have to be punished because they are ill and don’t live in the right state to be treated. It’s not right. We are all United States Citizens.

  • LeslieY.

    To Hope, I agree fully. Give the people who need it the same opportunity as others have received in the U.S. People who have a sick loved one shouldn’t have to deal with the added stress of moving their family for a chance at saving them. Even if it’s only a small chance. Any chance is better than none.

  • Sportzfanz

    I’ve read that this drug was once prescribed like any other plant based
    medication that you buy with a prescription. Sounds like they need to
    bring that back.

    • Seth Green

      Lt Gov Ron Ramsey family member has cancer that can be cured by Cannabis and not have the chemo and radiation and mess up there body. But he wont support it

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