Yes, People Are *Still* Stranded In Arkansas

(West Memphis, AR) It looked like cars were frozen in time Wednesday morning.

They were stuck on I-55, on frozen ground.

“This should not happen today, this should not happen in this country,” said John Ebert.

Ebert and his wife are trying to get home to twin cities Minnesota.

They have been stranded in West Memphis since Sunday night, in their RV with a car hitched to the back.

“It`s a disgrace for the state of Arkansas,” said Ebert.

Ice is still on some parts of I-55 and I-40 and highway officials warn people to stay off the hazardous highways.

Ebert doesn`t want to take any chances, “You`re stuck, you run out of gas, you run out of heat, you run out of water, or you slip off the side of the road.”

While covering the story, we too got stuck.

A News Channel 3 van was stuck on a patch of ice several inches thick.

Some big rig drivers poured bleach, which causes friction, down to break up the ice and free us.

By late Wednesday morning, Arkansas state troopers directed traffic to help free up some of the traffic jams.

Ebert says the state should have done more to make sure none of this ever happened.

“They tell us, they treated the roads,” said WREG’s Elise Preston.

“I got a farm I can sell you down the road if you would like to buy one. No, nothing`s been done,” replied Ebert.

He says he may not live in the natural state, but as a federal taxpayer, he helps pay for the U.S. interstates to go through the state.

“If I get 100 miles north, I just talked to Cape Girardeau on the phone, the roads are fine,” said Ebert.


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