WREG Crew Among Those Stuck In Arkansas

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(Blytheville, AR) Talk about frustrating!

Hundreds of people are still stuck in Blytheville, Ark., after a storm that happened days ago.

WREG's Sabrina Hall and photographer Rob Southgate have been trapped there since Sunday, along with many frustrated drivers

"While the traffic seems to be moving freely here at I-55 in Blytheville now, there are still parts of I 55 that are just covered in ice and traffic is just not moving anywhere, so some people who have already spent the night in Blytheville plan to be spending the night again," said reporter Sabrina Hall.

"One more day," said William Adams, traveling from Indiana to Conway, Ark.

Adams has been stuck in Blytheville since Sunday, but despite the major delay in his plans, he's playing it cool.

"You don't seem angry?" asked Hall.

"No, you just have to roll with the punches," said Williams.

Then there's Jeanne Schwaller.

"Perfectly clear roads until I got to the welcome to Arkansas sign," said Schwaller.

Her husband is on oxygen and she feared she'd need to call a medivac helicopter when her husband ran out of air.

She's pulled over twice on just a small stretch of I-55.

"I-55 is a disaster in Arkansas," said Schwaller. "None of the roads are clear. I've called the Arkansas State Highway Patrol. 'Oh ma'am, we're sorry. We don't have any information.'"

The Arkansas Highway Department tells WREG it couldn't properly clear I-55 and I-40 when accidents blocked the roads on the night of the storm.

"I will never travel again," said Bridget Otts of Mississippi.

"I'm not coming to Arkansas in the winter again," said Schwaller.

Schwaller has never been more proud of her home state.

"I live in the great capital city of Jefferson City in the state of Missouri. Hallelujah! Where we know how to clean roads," she said.