Winter Storm In Arkansas Will Cause Problems Nationwide

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(West Memphis, AR) Thousands of people tried hitting the roads in Arkansas Thursday when temperatures crept above freezing, and yet again, it caused massive delays.

Gas stations along Mound City Road in West Memphis were packed with semi-trucks and cars. Most had been there since Sunday night.

"Nobody could get in or out!" said Tony Tolin.

The truck driver is three days behind schedule, and he's not alone.

Trucks carrying food and supplies across the country are stuck. They don't know when they can deliver their loads.

"There is going to be an impact [nationwide]. At least stop all of these trucks for three days. They can't go anywhere. They have all got deliveries. We've got deliveries to make," said Tolin.

Restaurants in West Memphis already felt the affect.

Employees at the Iron Skilled told WREG they ran out of food Monday, because their shipment never arrived.

The truck got stuck in a massive traffic jam on Interstate-40.

"They had a line waiting around the front, and finally, they shut everything down, because they didn't have no food or nothing," said Tolin.

The restaurant was flooded with stranded travelers, and employees said they had to run to a local grocery store to get some ingredients.

Traffic is starting to slowly move on Interstate 40.

State officials told Tolin the roads are too icy for his over-sized load, so he has to stay in West Memphis another night.

"Well, I guess I'm going to go pay for my room again," said Tolin.

He said he is lucky he got one of the last rooms.


  • marie mcclaine

    Do me a favor!!!… if ur going to talk.about a truck at least SPELL IT RIGHT!!! It’s NOT iron skilleD…its iron skilleT!!! tyvm from a driver home in memphis on an OJI..marie

  • Noel Johnson

    Maybe the inconvenience of having to wait for something will make people begin to realize that whatever they have, eat, use, or buy, a trucker hauled it!

  • Cary Miller

    Iron Skillet? Felt the “effect.” I don’t know why I think the spelling and grammar will ever improve. I keep hoping some editor will have a bit of pride.

  • it would be me

    Really all you can talk about is a grammer error? When you want to talk about someone else having an error be sure you dont have several.

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