Shooting Is Second Time Bartlett Search Warrant Ended In Gunfire

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Update 3/19) It turns out the man in this story was not shot by police but by another suspect. Read more HERE

(Memphis) Thursday morning’s shooting during a search warrant serving wasn’t the first time Bartlett police have crossed the borders into Memphis and shot a suspect.

Like many, the two towns have an agreement allowing the others law enforcement agency to cross borders to execute a warrant.

It was almost four years ago when Bartlett officers went to North Memphis to serve a warrant, but ended up shooting and killing the suspect.

“Ain’t nothing new. That’s all I can tell you ain’t nothing new,” said an unidentified North Memphis neighbor.

Next week is the four-year anniversary of the shooting at 1346 Standridge that put the actions of Bartlett police officers under investigation.

They shot and killed Malcolm Shaw, a suspected drug dealer, inside the home after they say he pointed a gun at them.

They did not alert Memphis police they were coming.

Years later, one of Shaw’s neighbors is still reluctant to talk about it, but agreed to an anonymous interview.

He said, “I don’t need to be messed with.”

The past actions of Bartlett police have some Memphis city council members asking questions about today’s shooting.

On Facebook, Wanda Halbert posted, “Bartlett police have shot another Memphis resident in Memphis? How and why does this keep happening? #emails have already been sent!!!!!!!!”

Halbert later posted, “I’m getting up right now and headed down town!!! #sowhat I know I’m not the police but that won’t stop me from making sure our citizens aren’t used as prey!!!!!!”

WREG is also asking questions.

We asked Memphis police where its officers were located when Bartlett fired on the suspect and were told they assisted in the action but did not fire.

While the Shaw shooting four years ago was ruled justifiable, neighbors still aren’t sure that was the right call.

It will take at least several days before we learn if today’s shooting is considered justifiable and why Bartlett officers opened fire.

Meanwhile, Malcolm Shaw’s family is still involved in a lawsuit over the shooting.

They say that because Shaw was shot in the back, it proves he was no threat to officers.


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