SCS Hoping To Develop A Zoned Closure Plan

(Shelby County) Carunda Bennett has had a difficult week, dealing with the weather and caring for her grandkids since school shut down this week.

“I had no babysitter, had to find somebody, had to leave work early,” said Bennett

The snow plows and salt trucks had long finished their work, and most Shelby County streets were clear. But Northaven Elementary and about a dozen other schools were still covered in ice Wednesday.

Why not close just those schools? State attendance policies say SCS can’t – it’s all or nothing.

But when you have a superintendent who’s also a lawyer, you find a way to cut through the red tape.

Thursday, the ice-covered schools will remain closed, not because of the weather, but because they’re inoperable, while the rest of us go back to business as usual.

“We have so many schools that need as much instruction as possible,” said Superintendent Dorsey Hopson.

Hopson’s not stopping there in trying to make the rules make sense for parents.

They’re redoing bus routes, working with the state to see if they can divide up the district but only when it comes to weather.

“We’re looking at ways in the future with zones to see, if we have inclement weather,” said Reginald Porter, SCS, Chief of Staff.

With the area divided into zones, they could close one section and keep the others open.


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