Shelby County Schools Budget Shrinks As Students Leave

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(Memphis) Shelby County Schools Superintendent Dorsey Hopson says the district’s budget is $227 million less this year.

Hopson say the reduction is because SCS will lose so many students to the new municipal school districts.


  • BF59

    Schools are NOT daycares either, I wish parents would realize this. I know kids are getting behind a little bit but their safety and the responsibility that this man has on his shoulders during bad weather is more than a parent could handle at this time. The school bus wrecks or goes in the ditch with a bunch of kids because he did NOT call school off than what. The system has a lawsuit. HOLD your ground Hobson and put the safety of the children in your heart and mind. Parents can get over it. Make the safe call each day while this weather is around. Some of the days were built in, and those that were not well we will be like some other schools and either going on a Saturday to make them up or into June. I go for Saturday make up days myself. A PROUD PARENT of the OLD MCS and the NEW SCS school system.

    • love

      I agree with you. Alot of people are just looking for someone to take care of their kids. School is a place to learn only. Safety first

  • Concerned

    Hold your ground. SCS goes 7 hours each day instead of the state required 6 hrs. 45 min. They bank the extra 15 mins. toward snow days. 4 hours is all that is required for make up days. So they still have days to burn before there are problems.

  • Jeremy

    As if 15 minutes makes any difference? How about trimming a month off summer break instead? Kids might learn something.

  • Nonya Bidness

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!! Do you like what you got Memphis? All the good students are gone and now you will have to explain the poor performance of you students. The truth will be known, and that scares the heII out of you!

    But don’t worry, the state will come in and take over your schools soon enough because you can’t run them yourselves.

  • Louis S

    Why is the person that was so instrumental on the Memphis City Schools dropping their charter and forcing the Shelby County Schools to consolidate with the Memphis City Schools, not on his soapbox right now? Where’s Waldo? (Kenneth Whalen Jr) Oh that’s right, he’s running for Shelby County Mayor now, since he did so much good for the Memphis City school system. It’s not enough to just take down a school system, now he’s going for the county and maybe the state one day.

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