Murder Charge Filed In Holly Bobo Case

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(Decatur County, TN) An arrest has been made in the missing person case of Holly Bobo.

Zachary Adams has been charged with especially aggravated kidnapping and first degree felony murder.

TBI would not answer whether it has recovered Holly Bobo's remains.

Prosecutors say they will consider the death penalty in this case.

Members from the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the office of the 24Th Judicial District Attorney General, Hansel McAdams, and the Decatur County Sheriff’s Office made the announcement.

Adams was arrested late last week after his property was searched.

An affidavit from February 6th says Zachary Adams held a black revolver to Amber Bray’s head and threatened to kill her.

He also pulled a knife on Bray, who is his girlfriend’s sister, and threatened to “gut” her.

Holly Bobo was last seen at her home on Swan Johnson Road April 13, 2011.

Rewards have been offered from government and private citizens, which total $460,000.

Zachary Adams is no stranger to courtrooms and, as WREG uncovered, no stranger to violence.

His criminal record includes charges for drugs, domestic violence and assault.

A Community Mourns

It's hard to put heartbreak into words. Daryl Ramey fought back tears as he tried.

“I watched her grow up,” he said. "We always had hope. After three years, we held onto some hope and today reality set in and it saddens everybody.”

Wednesday night outside his business, piece by piece he built a message for Holly.

"That says it all, she’s a beautiful little girl,” he said.

The whole community is in shock that investigators say Holly Bobo’s life came to a tragic end.

"People I think are in awe because of the truth. The truth is beginning to come out.

As the community got answers, many went to Holly's church to pray and fight comfort in one another.

"We're a family we have to be."

Gregory Griggs is the deacon at Corinth Baptist Church.

"We hope this is the beginning of closure for the family, and the start for healing for the community, too. This has been hard on everybody.

Thursday, he asked for prayers for a community that never gave up hope, and just like Ramey's sign, says he finds comfort knowing God has another angel.

"We'll see her one day. We haven't lost her,” Griggs said. “We know where she’s at. We'll see her again.”


  • babytater

    RIP Holly. My prayers are with her family, community and law enforcement as they continue their investigation.

  • RebelHog

    As this investigation continues, our thought and prayers go out to her family, friends, neighbors and others in her community who offered each other support during the past 3 years. Many thanks to the law enforcement community and ordinary citizens that passionately searched for her.

  • Kevin Lewis

    Just because an arrest has been made doesn’t mean he’s guilty…let the process play out and if he is found guilty, then he will receive the punishment he deserves. Let’s just pray that the police have the evidence to give the DA an open and shut case…

  • Amanda g. Doyle

    Im so sorry for the family of the Bobo I have bee nprayyign for 3 years for her to come home safe she was such a beautiful young lady. Thank god they did find who did it. May Holly Bobo R.I.P. with ♥♥♥

  • Chris Williams

    It’s amazing to see how the general public (mainly women) have already convicted this man…. Let’s see proof that he actually did it before we execute him… These are the same “WOMEN” that were supporters of Mary Winkler when she admittedly killed her husband then fled to Alabama, then claimed it was self defense. Hypocrites much….?

    • polo solo6

      Because women are the ones that have to deal with beening violated and nothing is usually done. Look at this man, I would have been relentless on his a@$ just look like a person of interest. It only took 3 years, he had plenty of time to tie up any loose ends.

  • Tim

    I mean where is she? Did the guy admit to killing her and if he did, where are the remains? You can’t convict without a body. That’s like saying there’s 420 table games in a casino and you’ve never been inside. She could be in Hawaii for all we know. He should be convicted for what he did to Amber but you can’t say he killed Bobo.

  • Freedomwasawesome

    He has been charged with and the grand jury agrees. They have to have good evidence. Otherwise they wouldn’t even know she is dead

  • polo solo6

    Holly was a beautiful young lady and didn’t anyone have the right to hurt her period. Prayers for the family, time for the caveman mentality to stop.

  • Nursey Nurse

    Remember the West Memphis 3 now. DA’s and grand juries NEVER procede with a case and seek the death penalty without evidence do they? We should all remember innocent until proven guilty.

    • Bobby Boots Zildjian

      Remember Damien Echols psychiatric record???? LOL He’s much crazier that Zach Adams. He’s bipolar AND schizophrenic! He’s walking the streets of Salem, MA. I hope Damien kills and eats his gold-digger wife first.

  • T. Jones

    Wow I looked at the press review and they don’t have any evidence and even agreed to the fact that they don’t know where this young lady is. Because they have put taxpayer money into all these hours of work they have to have something to show for it. I also noticed all questions that had to do with what evidence they had was answered with ” we can’t say” they did not say they had proof of anything. Now I hate that this happened to Ms. Bobo but who’s to say this young lady just didn’t walk away and just doesn’t want to be bothered. I disappeared from my family for 5 years, I just wanted to live my life and see new things. When I felt like it I called and told them where I was and that I was alright. There are no signs of a struggle and the people that live around heard no screaming or anything like that. And I don’t know any woman that didn’t want to be taken against her will that would not have screamed to the top of her lungs. And she came up missing 3 years ago why if you thought this was her killer did you wait all those years to collect evidence from his home, cars and land????? This seems strange. It’s okay to say “there is nothing we can do” there are a lot of crimes that happen and they just can’t be solved. People go missing every day and the government agencies can’t or don’t know what to do. Be honest and don’t kill some one just to justify what you can’t be honest and say” sorry we can’t find her or what happened to her” because you are scared the taxpayers are going to want to know why you spent their money and came up with nothing.

  • D'mar

    The bible tells us that one day there won’t be any crime or deaths. I’m sure we all look to a time like that

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