1% Surcharge At Some Florida Restaurants For Health Insurance And A Daughter Suing Her Parents For College?

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Here today are DeWayne Benton with Holywood.com our own George Brown and Todd Demers.

First up, some Florida restaurants in a popular sports bar chain are now charging customers a 1% "Affordable Care Act" surcharge!

It's on every customer's bill.

The owner of the locations doing it says it’s so they can keep all their employees and still afford to give them health insurance.

Would it influence your decision to eat there?

A New Jersey teenager is suing her parents, to pay for school!

18-year-old Rachel Canning claims she was kicked out of her parents’ house and that they now refuse to pay her high school and college tuitions.

But they say she left home, because she didn't like the house rules like chores, and curfew.

A judge has recommended family counseling.

A hearing is set for next month to determine if the Canning’s will be required to pay Rachel's tuition.

Does she have a case, or is she just a spoiled brat?

And finally, a 10-year-old in Ohio got suspended from school for three days, for pointing his finger like a gun at another student's head.

He says he was just playing around.

His father is stunned by the punishment, and worries about his son missing assignments.

But school officials say they adopted a Zero Tolerance Policy after school shootings across the country.









  • Thomas H. Evans

    The Restaurant should be made to pay every customer back their 1% charged without their permission, and those who are okay with it, then so be it. The young lady suing her parents need a wake up call. I am very proud of the parents for standing up to her, one of the main problems with our teens in America today. If you don’t have rules for your kids, then don’t be surprised when one day the police knocks on your door to let you know your child is at juvenile detention. I don’t know if counseling will do anything for this young lady from just watching her body language in the courtroom. She has way too much outside influence driving her behavior. (Lastly) The little boy got what he deserved; comes from too much TV/Video Games.

  • Terrie

    I’ll be deducting it from my total. The restaurant can’t prevent me from doing this because it is not legal for them to be charging ME! If they want to charge anybody take it to the president. He’s the one with the free health insurance so look at what he’s saving!

  • Don

    1% Surcharge At Some Florida Restaurants For Health Insurance.

    Hey, I thought your prez Odumba has already taken care of the Health Insurance.
    You voted him in, I didn’t. I hope you liked the change.

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