TN National Guard Helping Stranded Motorists

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(WREG-TV) Tennessee National Guard soldiers have been mobilized to help motorists stranded in West Tennessee, specifically the Dyer County area.

Teams will have water, food, and blankets, and will conduct health checks.

Several thousand people are stranded on I-55, I-40, and several highways because of ice on the roadways.

Armories in the area have been placed on standby in case motorists need emergency shelter.

The Arkansas National Guard is also helping those who are stuck on roadways in the state.

It’s estimated several thousand people are stuck on I-55 from West Memphis to the Missouri border, and West Memphis to Forrest City on I-40 east.

Some people have been stranded for more than 12 hours.


  • Marybelle

    This will cost several million dollars, I’ll bet. Someone- the State of Ark. , TN and MO- should tell these people – Don’t call us – You got in this mess so wait til the Spring thaw. I read the comments of many stranded–Guess the Gov. should take care of EVERYONE from cradle to grave, scrape the interstates for a path for these people, bring HOT meals, and water. STAY HOME when the news says a storm is headed your way.That is what smart people do.

    . Newspeople need to keep their butts at home, too.

  • Carol Evan

    Nothing in this story tells why they’re stranded. Snow? Fog? An earthquake? Hail? An overturned oil truck? A fire? A sniper? Ashley, i think you left some into out.

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