Stories From Those Stranded On Arkansas Roads

(West Memphis, AR) Stuck for hours while trying to get home; it sounds like a nightmare, but it's very real for many drivers trying to get through Arkansas on interstates.

“There's no sense in being out here. It's not worth it,” said driver Mountain Kiper.

Tuesday, cars are parked all over interstates 40 and 55 in the state of Arkansas, backed up all the way into Memphis.

When you think there’s hope and cars start moving a few inches, they stop.

It took Mountain Kiper more than an hour just to turn around once he got off at his exit. Looking at the traffic, you know he`s not making a mountain out of a molehill.

“I`ve got a four-wheel drive truck and I`m not going to attempt it,” said Kiper.

Nine-month-old Kaylin Rose and her mom were on their way from California to Virginia, but they've been stranded in Arkansas for more than a day.

“There's semi-trucks everywhere. They are stopped, bumper to bumper traffic,” said Kaylin Rose’s grandmother, Marian Alleva.

By phone, Alleva says the infant and her 7 month pregnant mom, Marie, ran out of water and food at one point.

The grandmother is in Virginia and having a hard time reaching them.

“I've tried to text her and call her. It just goes straight to voice mail,” said Alleva

The deserted duo finally inched their way to an exit in Forrest City and tried to check in to a hotel.

But there’s no room for pregnant Marie and her baby at the inn, none of them. Hotels are jam-packed with folks waiting out the traffic jam.

The baby and pregnant mom are staying in their car.

“They haven`t slept in a comfortable bed. It`s just not a good situation,” said Alleva.

The grandmother fears it's going to be that way a while. Mountain couldn't agree more.

“People that are stuck out there are stuck out there. There's nowhere to go,” expressed Kiper.

Tuesday afternoon, the National Guard and other agencies started assisting those stuck in the traffic jams.

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  • Ashley Hennessey

    I’m in Forrest City and would love for this woman to come stay at my home. Do you guys have any contact information. I’m 7 months pregnant myself and wouldn’t want to be stranded. Would love to help!!!!

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