Shelby County Schools Closed Wednesday

(Shelby County) For the third day in a row, Shelby County Schools has canceled classes.

From SCS:

All SCS schools will be closed on Wednesday, March 5, 2014. All before- and after-school activities, including athletics, will also be canceled. All District offices will be open during regular business hours. 
The decision to close schools was made due to the factors below:
Based on reports from city and county officials and a first-hand review of areas throughout the district by the SCS Transportation/Safety team, we know that an overwhelming majority of streets in the city and suburbs are clear. However, dangerous conditions still exist in some of our rural areas.
Presently, over 40 schools are impacted by ice and snow, mostly in the Northern region. Because bus schedules throughout the district are inter-related, it is difficult to close only this region. For instance, the Millington area bus lot serves dozens of schools across the Northern portion of the district, including some within the city of Memphis. Special education buses also transport students to cluster programs throughout the city and suburbs.
We have several schools, some within the city, where parts of buildings cannot be accessed due to icy conditions. At least five schools are also without power, including three in Memphis. Additionally, reported icy roads and sidewalks and downed trees and power lines in the city and county may also impact students walking or being driven to school. 
Additionally, more schools could be impacted by morning due to the likelihood of conditions to worsen as existing snow and ice melts and temperatures continue to drop further below freezing.
All employees who work in an administrative office should report for regular business hours. Only non-instructional operational staff (i.e. maintenance/facilities) should contact their supervisors regarding duties in schools on Wednesday. All other school-based employees, including principals, should not report to work.

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