Pass It On: Friends For Life

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(WREG-TV) When it comes to injuries, there may not be a slower path back to health than when someone is severely burned.

In this week's Pass It On, a husband and father of three from Southaven is the patient, and the lifetime friend of his exhausted wife wants to help with our $600 gift.

Laura Green wants to pass it on to her lifetime friend, Chelsea Brassfield.

"Her husband was burned at work. He's a welder, and had oil and grease on his uniform. "

Because of the thick clothing Chelsea's husband Sean was wearing, Laura says he didn't even know right away it had caught fire.

Sean's leg was badly burned, but infections have had him on a respirator and dialysis, leaving doctors unable to perform surgeries for his burns.

"Through her, I met them when we were engaged and since we've become married, they're part of the family, too. "

With three kids between ages 3 and 9, it's been hard to bear.

"They're all just taking it hard. Their dad hasn't been home. She can't bring them with her every time she comes up here. She says they ask about him every night, 'When is he coming home?'"

Laura and her husband Austin know the past month or so has been tough financially - Sean was the sole income provider, and his workman's comp hasn't come through.

Laura told her friend to meet her in the MED lobby downstairs, because they want to take her to get something to eat.

She's not sure how Chelsea will react; she just knows her friend is emotionally exhausted.

After Laura finishes counting off the money, Chelsea's still not sure how to respond.

Going on little sleep or food, who can blame her?

Laura says passing it on is all that matters.

Doctors were able to take Sean off the ventilator the day we were there, and Laura says Chelsea is hopeful once the kidney infection is taken care of, they can start operating on his leg.

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