Many Drivers Stuck On Arkansas Interstates Since Sunday

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(Blytheville, AR) Many of the people stuck on Arkansas highways had to pass through Blytheville.

It's where one of the WREG news crews has been stuck since Sunday because of the road conditions.

Sabrina Hall and photographer Rob Southgate talked to drivers headed nowhere quick.

"Right now I'm standing in the middle of the highway on I 55 where where it's a parking lot. Nobody is moving and in fact we've seen drivers get out of their cars, walk around and smoke a cigarette," Hall told us.

Some motorists had a smoke break in the middle of a sea of trucks where stranded for hundreds of miles.

"Two hundred miles in nine hours, what has this experience been like?" asked Hall.

"Horrible. Ridiculous. We are trying to go home," said a man headed to Louisiana.

He had 600 miles left to go.

"These are by far and away the worst driving conditions I've ever experienced in my lifetime," said Neil Garron, also headed to Louisiana.

"The minute the snow started they should've got the plows out or something and salted the roads because this is ridiculous," said Fred Miller, from Iowa.

"The roads are clear up until the Arkansas State line - 70 miles an hour and then this," said another driver.

"I am blaming the state of Arkansas for the lack of equipment and they do have the money for and they know this is going happen because it happens every year," said someone else.

The Arkansas highway department says when the ice storm hit Sunday night, accidents backed up I-55 and I-40, preventing workers from properly plowing and treating the roads with salt.

Since the temperatures refuse to rise, now salt won't even work.

"Their plan here to clear the road is just to wait till it melts," said Len Fox from Toronto.

Fox, driving  from Canada to New Mexico. spent the night at a gas station because hotels off I-55 are completely booked.

Thousands of others kept forging on in their cars, with their destinations nowhere on the horizon.

"I've never seen highways as bad as this and I live in Iowa and we have this every year," said Miller.

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  • Gail Parish

    My daughter and son in law were trapped in this for 3 hours… why didn’t arkansas at least open the schools and churches and let the people off the highway to get warmth and sleep in the schools and churches?! UN hosbitable!

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