Frayser Plagued With Issues Following Winter Storm

(Memphis) The power is out, trees are down, and some people are not able to make it off of their blocks.

Sunday’s storm is still causing problems for people who live in the Frayser community in Memphis.

Matoiri Spencer, Public Information Officer for the Department of Public Works, said more than a couple dozen crews are out on the roads.

However, residents in Frayser have been stranded for days.

“It’s worst than the last one we had,” Lucy Ivy said. “It’s really bad.”

The sun started to shine and began melting away some problems the big storm left behind.

Icy roads and downed trees were a problem. Thousands of people found themselves in the dark.

Lucy Ivy has been without power for days.

“These trees fell down on it,” she described the aftermath of the storm. “See how it pulled all that down?”

A power box was ripped from the side of her house causing problems she will have to fix before Memphis Light, Gas, and Water can restore power again.

Jackie Reed, Spokesperson for MLGW, said crews have restored services to nearly 62,000 customers since Sunday.

Reed explained downed trees must be cleared before power crews can attempt restoration efforts.

Icy side streets in MLGW’s service area that have not been cleared make it tough for crews to start working, Reed continued.

Other WREG viewers who live in Frayser called and emailed, asking why the city has not been out to clear up side streets.

“We don’t have the man power, nor the resources to address every city street,” Spencer explained.  “Our main focus is bridges, overpasses, inclines, and declines that require it,” she said.

Residents are asked to salt their porches and driveways.

Also, the city said they will pick up downed trees as long as they a chopped to meet ordinance requirements.

“We’ve responded to approximately 30 tree calls. We continue to work the list as calls continue to come in,” Spencer said.

The Department of Public Works will pick up trees along major roads if they are not wrapped around live wires.


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