Affidavit Reveals Why Man Was Arrested During Holly Bobo Search

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(WREG-TV) We now know why the owner of property searched Friday in connection to the Holly Bobo case was charged with aggravated assault.

An affidavit from February 6th says Zachary Adams held a black revolver to Amber Bray's head and threatened to kill her.

He also pulled a knife on Bray, who is his girlfriend's sister, and threatened to "gut" her.

He is charged in Decatur County, but is being held in Chester County.

Sources say the transfer was due to overcrowding at the facility in Decatur County.

Adams is no stranger to courtrooms and, as WREG uncovered, no stranger to violence.

His criminal record includes charges for drugs, domestic violence and assault.

His mother, Cindy Adams, said an unrelated TBI investigation on his property into the disappearance of Holly Bobo is uncalled for.

"I'm just in shock, and I think the reason they're targeting Zach is because Zach has a rap sheet," she said.

On Tuesday a TBI spokeswoman said the weather did hinder the investigation, but said the case is still ongoing.

While Cindy admitted her son has been questioned before, she said she is confident he is not the one responsible for Holly's disappearance.

"I have talked to him privately many times, and he told me 'Mom, I don't understand. I didn't even know this girl.'"

TBI told WREG Zachary Adams is not officially considered a suspect in the Holly Bobo case, although a judge did set a $1 million bond for his aggravated assault charge.

His next court date is March 10th.

Holly Bobo was 20 years old when she disappeared nearly three years ago.

Even though it’s been nearly three years since Holly disappeared, members of her church vowed to neither give up nor forget.

Search warrants were executed at Adams' property off Highway 69 in Decatur County Friday and over the weekend.

Investigators wouldn’t say what they were looking for, but at least two vehicles were towed away and cadaver dogs from the Shelby County Sheriff’s office were brought in to help with the search.

Saturday, investigators searched a well using underwater cameras.


  • Jim

    I hope someone beats him daily in prison. Why do scum of the earth thugs, always have girlfriends? The girlfriend’s parents must be so proud of their daughter for choosing such a pathetic human being..

    • hatersaremotivators

      Unfortunately Jim, often times the girlfriend comes from a home where dad abused mom and mom didn’t leave because she didn’t want her kids to not have a father…but these “moms” don’t understand all they are doing is showing their daughter that “its okay” to be in abusive relationship.

    • Tam

      He has not been convicted of the assault, not is he a suspect in the Bobo disappearance. Perhaps you should wait for facts and evidence. Ya know, presumed innocent ‘an all. Jeez.

      • Jerri

        I agree Tam, Why are they attacting this boy. I tell you why, because he has a record. So he beat on his girlfriend some, and sold some drugs, that dont make him no killer. I feel sorry for him. What his mama must be goen through is sad.

      • Steve

        Dear Tam, He is a suspect in Holly Bobo’s murder and that is why they are going through his property with cadaver dogs. The TBI and FBI are playing this close to the vest, but make NO mistake about it. They think he may have killed Holly Bobo.

        I will take it a step farther. I think they will charge him with murder in the next 10 days or so. With or without her remains being found.

      • bradyjmills

        I agree. The articles specifically say he is not yet a suspect in the case. So, I think before people say he needs to be beat in jail, they wait for a judgement. Additionally, I hope this isn’t a case of the police using him as a scape goat to solve the disappearance, close the case, and look good. It would not be the first time this has happened in history. No doubt this guy needs to get his shit together, but nothing I’ve seen so far seems to link him to the disappearance. So, without a body and without more than they are telling now… I hope he walks free. Sorry, but charging the wrong man would mean you have blood on your hands and makes the accuser just as bad.

      • Chris

        Little doubt he’s guilty of the assault – losers like this who do drugs and have a history of violence seldom change. As far as the Bobo murder, if a grand jury provided an indictment so fast, the cops obviously found something. And guys like this tend to record the stuff they do.

      • polo solo6

        Tam they got the facts and evidence, yall need to put yourself in her parents shoes. Why would you defend a killer even if he’s a love one of yours. Murder is murder and yes he has a twisted crack mouth.

    • Whar are yall pickin on my Boy for.

      Just because he uses and sells drugs. Beats his girlfriend. Threatens to gut his girlfriends sister with a knife….don’t mean he are a killer.

    • austinandjustin

      What a true Adam. I have no idea why you had to bring up if he had a girlfriend, or how her this hypothetical girlfriend’s parents must feel. We really don’t know what evidence they have. However, if this man did this, I hope he pays for his crime.

  • Bobby Stokes

    Somebody needs to talk to my neighbor. He beats his wife while she’s sleep, and she got the nerve to come out in public looking like she just came out of a boxing match. She goes to work with bruises on her. He doesn’t work, and have 4 kids. His wife works and have a pretty decent job. He carries the bank card and drives the car with no license.

    I want to say something so bad, but if I do I know I would go to jail for something I would regret later.

    • Dee

      Hi Bobby,

      Maybe you should report him anonymously. Especially if you hear it happening. I will be praying for the lady and her children.

    • austinandjustin

      @Bobby Stokes, she gets beat “she got the nerve to come out in public looking like she just came out of a boxing match ” How dare she come out in public? Why didn’t she hide out of shame? Perhaps because she is a victim and has nothing to feel shamed for? Perhaps because she has four children she is supporting? Perhaps because she feels if her situation was known she will face comments like the ones posted here? Instead of criticizing her, why don’t you report her husband? Oh yea you’re thinking that if you help send a criminal to jail karma will send you to jail as well, huh?

  • Monkey Killa

    Hey Bobby, I wish you would post his name and address. You could text it too me. I do have a question. Why would you go to Jail? Do you sell drugs? If so quit. That woman needs you to do the right thing, so do it Bobby. Go will Honor you for that. Please tell us his name.

  • David

    Bobby, I hope you do what you know you need too. I agree with the guy above. The lady needs help. Send me info and I will help. Tncoldfan32 at ya-Hoo dot com. Email me and I will take the pressure off of you.

  • mike sowell

    hey bobby.if you try to help this woman she may turn on you some womans dont feel loved unless he beat her.

  • Joanna

    ofcourse the losers mother is coming to his defense. Instead of realizing he held a gun to that girls head and said he would gut her. Sick and twisted family. I hope they never stop searching his property,

  • Kevin

    According to negative comments in here this guy Zach has got to be a black man. Whenever the most racist of bigots post this many comments it’s always about how race …

    • JustMe

      You are the only one I see bringing up race, so I would have to say that you are the racist bigot in here. And just for your info, no Zach isn’t black. Look at the picture posted in this very article. If you had more than a 1st grade education, you would be able to determine that race isn’t an issue at all here.

    • chris87654

      What ARE you talking about? there are articles with race involved – leave from here and find one.

  • Cyndi

    Whoa, whoa, whoa!!!! Have we forgotten the poor parents who have gone through hell waking up each morning hoping and praying with all they are and all they have that they find their baby alive. Stop wasting your time on reading the other “junk” posted and focus on the family that hurts the most. They need our prayers more than ever, not conflict or rumors or reasons why this or that. All of us in Decatur county pray for the Bobo family!!!!

  • Kelly Williams


    As stated in the live broadcast (01:59) Zachary Adams is not officially considered a suspect in the Holly Bobo case. He happened to be living at a residence that was within the perimeters of TBI’s initial search almost three years ago when Holly went missing. TBI will either have to find physical evidence or acquire testimonial evidence from a witness that will link him to Holly Bobo’s disappearance. Simply because Zachary has a record which includes his latest arrest for holding a gun to his girlfriend’s sisters’ head while threatening to kill her and pulling a knife on her and threatening to “gut” her does not make him a killer. Are his actions reprehensible, yes – do his threats establish that he is a murderer, no.
    TBI believes that given Zachary Adams’s recent actions, their inclination to re-investigate the home is justifiable and the use of cadaver dogs when searching for a body is necessary to perform a thorough search. You are predicting that Zachary will be charged with Holly’s murder based on circumstantial evidence of which there is none. To charge this man with Holly’s murder based on non-existent circumstantial, physical, or testimonial evidence will not happen.
    My heart goes out to all involved in this emotional saga and their prayers for answers and closure.

    • julie

      ummmm I’d say Kevin was right….I’m betting Zach may have mentioned Holly’s name when he threatened Bray. Just a guess.

    • Melanie Austoff

      Heather Sullivan was attacked in January of 2011. When I review Zachary Adams’s summary of charges you have posted on your website, I was looking to see where he might have been (jail, prison, institution, rehab) during that time frame. The time frame in question is blacked out …… hmmm. So, the evidence you bring forth is that Zach makes, uses and sells meth; He was arrested in 2011 for aggravated assault and again in May of 2012 for domestic assault. What I don’t see is where he was ever arrested for murder. As for the sketch artist’s rendering and the similarities between it and Zachary Adams’s mug shot, except for the nose, mouth and chin, I see little more than a vague resemblance.

  • Jeanie Dodd

    I note Cindy Adams did not say her son told her he didn’t do it, but that he didn’t understand and that he didn’t know her..neither of which is a reliable denial

  • Kimbelily

    WOW! These comments have went way away from what I thought it would be. I agree with the person who said they hope its not the cops trying to just close a case and look good. Reguardless of what this guy did lets jus wait and see if they have anything cuz as far as we know now they don’t even have a body. I have thought about this girl everyday since it happened and my heart has been with this family. Lets hope they get the right guy and if its him then lets comment about how he should be put through all the hell he put this family through for 3 years and maybe he will tell who else was involved cause ive always thought there was more than one that took this beautiful girl. Lets give this family hope that she is still alive because it is possible. IF not, pray for closure. I really hope this is the end and all parties involved suffer like they made the family suffer and I will be praying for the family. Lets all focus on that for now cause believe it or not he is innocent until proven guilty tho its seems these days we are guilty til proven innocent. Anyway lets jus pray that if they do end this that it is the right guy and they get the others involved cause in my heart ive always thought there was more than one person.

  • Ferg

    Hmmm…….very odd (not). White suspect, no racist remarks. I see sympathy for the murder suspect, despite that he has a lengthy criminal record.There’s a even a heap of denial present here (he’s innocent ntil uilty!) Black suspects are always just GUILTY GUILTY GUILTY until proven innocent to YOU racist hypocrites. Oh my, how strikingly different the comments section looks when the criminal is white. We see how hypocritical you bigots are. Your actions and hypocrisy are duly noted.

  • E. Zach Lee-Wright

    I tend to agree with Ferg. In the jury box there is a tendency for the juror to think the white defendant is probably guilty but the prosecution will have to prove their case while with a black defendant there is more of an assumption of guilt and less requirement that the prosecution come up with a convincing case. The kicker is that this seems to be true with both white and black jurors. Of course there is a huge exception when dealing with a black juror who refuses to accept dna evidence proving the defendant raped the woman such as Curtis Lavelle Vance.

  • Wendy

    His mom is an idiot, he shot her back in 2004 in her knee at point blank range. The TBI would not arrest himif they did nto have evidence to hold him so something has obviously caught their attention. With his record he should be under the jail.

  • d

    hung him before you try him. then hung his mother too cause she gave birth to him. it’s nice for you to play God.

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