Tipton County Hit Hard With Sleet

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(Tipton County, TN) It has been a cold, messy Monday for people in West Tennessee.

After being hit hard by another winter storm, many found themselves slipping and sliding Monday.

In Tipton County, where folks have just recently recovered from a February 2nd ice storm, people are wondering if winter will ever end.

Going nowhere fast -that's been the story for a lot of drivers in Tipton County who are trying to make the best of a bad situation.

The county got an inch of ice Sunday, followed by four inches of sleet and a layer of snow overnight.

John Gillihan lives in Munford, but works 50 miles away in Whiteville, Tenn.

"All I know is a hour drive home last night turned into a two and half hour drive," said John Gillihan.

Many residents of Tipton County are still recovering from an ice storm on February 2nd that caused a lot of damage and left thousands of Southwest Tennessee Electric customers without power for the better part of a week.

The winter storm that moved through West Tennessee is causing a lot of traffic headaches, especially for people living in rural parts of Tipton County where roads are treacherous.

Henry Pryor can't believe how this wintry-mix forced so many businesses to close.
That's because Pryor lived in Northwest Indiana for 38 years and is used to seeing a lot worse winter weather.

"A little snow like this wouldn't close anything. I just come out of the bank, the bank is closed, one of the Dollar Store's down there is closed," said Pryor.

One store that didn't shut down was Neifeh's Grocery in Munford.

Monday, the checkout lines were almost as busy as Sunday.

Manager Mark Anderson said that's when customers heeded weather warnings and bought almost everything in sight.

"Milk, eggs, bread and a lot of ground beef and stuff like that. We're out of ground beef right now, they've cleaned us out," said Mark Anderson.

Ice, snow, and broken limbs kept Larry Sanders from getting to the store till Monday afternoon.

"A lot of limbs down, it was real hard to get around. And we just tried our best to get up here and get us some food and get home and get warm," said Sanders.

But in the midst of all the ice, snow and broken limbs, where most see problems, Lori Hawkins sees beauty.

"It's beautiful, it's a beautiful day. A little snow falling and I wanted to get out and capture a little bit of it with my camera, " said Lori Hawkins.

Monday morning the Tipton County EMA reported about 4,500 customers of Southwest Tennessee Electric Company still without power.

The Tipton County Sheriff's Department has implemented its inclement weather policy and is urging motorists to avoid driving if at all possible.