Grandson Saves 100-Year-Old Woman From Burning Home

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(Memphis) Firefighters responded to a house fire in the 600 block of Wilson, Shelby Drive and Elvis Presley Boulevard, Monday afternoon.

The woman who lives there is 100 years old, and has apparently lived there since she was born.

Her family tells us they are grateful they got her out in time.

Her grandson said he just happened to stop by to make sure she was OK.

"I came in the house. I just seen her chimney, everything was on fire. So I was like, 'Well I gotta do something, I gotta get her out. I can't let her just sit in there.' So as I'm bringing her out, I guess from the oxygen as I'm opening the door, when I opened the door, flames is just all I see."

There is no official cause of the fire yet, but family members say they think her wood-burning stove started it.

They had filled the stove earlier in the day to make sure she stayed warm and wouldn't have to go outside.

The woman is now at a family member's home.


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