Icy Roads Cause Big Problems For Truck Drivers

(WREG-TV) Tractor trailers are usually the big dogs on the road, but ice took over on Monday.

"It's almost impossible to drive," Tom Wells said.

He is driving from Texas to Chicago, but got stuck on I-40 in Arkansas.

"Well, it's gonna cancel our load obviously," Wells explained. "There's no way we'll get there on time.  We are supposed to be there tomorrow morning."

Dozens of trucks were backed up for miles on the ice-covered interstate, conditions some drivers said should have been dealt with before now.

"Arkansas just needs to learn how to take care of their roads a little bit better," Tommy Bennett said.

"I must've seen about 20 cars in a ditch, semi (trucks) jack-knifing as you go down the road. I was slipping and sliding about four different times," Wells said.

It was four times too many, according to Wells, for an arctic blast known about for days.

"I can't believe the state doesn't do something about it. No salt truck or nothing out here. I haven't seen one all day. That's just unbelievable that they don't do something to a major highway like this to prepare the roads," he said. "It's just unreal."

WREG has reached out to the Arkansas State Highway and Transportation Department for comment but has not gotten a response.

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