Germantown School District Approves Non-Resident Tuition

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(Germantown, TN) Cold weather didn’t keep the Germantown school board from deciding some hot-button issues Monday night.

It became the first of the suburban school districts to vote to charge a small tuition for kids who don’t live in the district’s limits.

The fee will be $200, and will mostly affect about a thousand Collierville students who now attend Houston Middle and High schools.

Families can apply for hardship waivers.

The school board also settled on a zoning plan for its schools, separate open enrollment policies for residents and non-residents, and a school calendar that follows Shelby County Schools.


  • Marybelle

    $200 is cheap if parents want their children attend Germantown schools. Why would they even need a “hardship” break. Back years ago, we had to change our food menu, our spending habbits, too, in order to pay for private school for my child. You do what is neeed in order to educate your children. We only bought the bare necessties

  • Dewanda

    After what my people done been through we deserve our benefits.
    I have 5 klds and no man at home. Without my Section 8 housing, food stamps, free school lunches for my babies we couldnt not make it in Hickory Hill..The governmet should be helping us that cannot work out.

    • Renee

      What your people done been through?!?!?!? How about getting an education yourself for the benefit of your children. You have not gone through what you are referring to. Get over it and get a job so your children do not become a statistic.

  • Sad

    Dewanda; it was your choice to have 5 kids, you play, you pay. There are many people who are struggling day by day to make ends meet, even with 1 or 2 kids. The government owes us nothing, put your big girl panties on and do your best, living off the government is
    Not doing your best, it is just a crutch. You should have to work hard everyday for what you you have, and be an example for your children. There are too many people that are allowed to be on food stamps, section 8, tNCare, that shouldn’t even be on it. Because they are able to work and they just don’t want to, because of pure laziness and are always wanting a hand out, because they think they are owed something. Get over yourself!

  • Sad

    If it was a joke, then that is how people think, that everyone but themselves owe them something. Just throwing that out there! Too many people expect things or free, and that is sad!

  • No Patience For Lies

    Wow…. Seems WREG deleted the post that has caused these responses…
    Unfortunately wreg the problems endemic to Memphis can not be so easily dismissed.

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