Body Found Near Hamilton High School

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(Memphis) Right across the street from the snow and ice-covered entrance of Hamilton High School, Chris Bell has a memory frozen in his mind.

"Yes, I drove by here this morning about 9 and saw three police cars. It was a body," Bell said.

Witnesses say early Tuesday morning, a man's body was found near the steps of Hamilton High.

Memphis police say the cause of death is unknown at this time, but cold weather isn't being ruled out as a possible cause.

"I would hate to see anytime to see some have to die in that kind of way. It's a real tragedy," Bell said.

Cold weather-related deaths and symptoms can happen more than you think when there is a dangerous drop in your body temperature called hypothermia.

Dr. G. Scott Morris is CEO of the Church Health Center in Memphis.

"Hypothermia can lead to death, but it can lead to brain damage and things that would take forever and permanent injury," Morris said.

You might think the homeless are the likely victims exposed to cold weather-related illnesses, but they're not the only ones affected by hypothermia.

"I really want to focus on elderly folk. That's where the risk is. People who are homeless on the street, that's obvious. But the people who are your grandmother and children, as well," Morris said.

It's why when temperatures drop, Dr. Morris hopes emergency shelters will continue to open their doors to strangers and families will reach out to those needing help to staying warm.

"Memphis is a great city of hospitality. Hopefully, anybody would be willing to open either doors and bring that person in or it could mean the difference between life and death or disability," Morris said.


    • Albert

      Disrespect for your fellow man and ghetto culture knows no seasons. A love/hate relationship with that place. I escaped, but it will always be home. Sad to see it turning into dust.

      • Brittius

        Take whatever memories are good and use it as foundation to build a stronger home. I used to stop by my old high school in the middle of the night when hunting people or on a difficult case. I stood outside from where my shop was. Somehow, I always found part of the answer I needed. The street element never came near me, as I drove a gray unmarked Crown Vic, and wore a Kevlar vest with gun on my hip and shield around my neck. There is, a connection, and for some reason, we, as do elephants, visit our gravesites. We connect with our past at times. I was a cop in one of the worst ghettos in America. I went to school in one of the worst ghettos in America. It will always be part of me as home. I belong to the streets; Even now.

      • Jim

        I belong to the streets, even now. Car drives into the sunset with soft music playing in the background.. Credits begin to scroll across the screen.

  • Rev. Dr. Ollíe Nelson

    I left Memphís ríght after hígh school and joíned the Marínes in 1978. I refused to be a crackhead or a lífe of crímínal actívíty. I know had I stayed ín Memphís, there ís no way possíble that I could have accomplísh the followíng: 3 Masters, a home, 2 cars, 3 adult kíds, and
    I have traveled to at least 20 countríes around the world. To God be the glory, for great thíngs He has done! The problem wíth Memphís ís that many people has settled for less than what theír potentíal has for them.

    • Ms. Corene Black

      People has settled for less it be the main problems in Memphis I graduated from Frayer High and im tryen to get off food stamps but with 5 kids no man i gotta have some help The governmint shoudl do a lot more for the black people of Memphis

  • Stevie

    “live’ a life of criminal activity I know “if” I had stayed in Memphis

    I could have “accomplished” past tense not present tense

    People have settled…not people “has” settled 3 “Masters” or three Master’s degrees.

    You cannot construct a simple paragraph without numerous errors.

    May i suggest a beginning English course at a local community college?

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