Emergency Officials Prepare For Winter Storm

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(Memphis) Yes, meteorologists say for them, the worst of winter is over, but that doesn’t mean we’re out of the woods yet.

In fact, some of the mid-south’s worst snow and ice storms have hit in early to mid March.

Folks like Alan Lane of Clarksdale don’t look forward to it, as he said a few weeks ago when ice hit the Mississippi delta.

“It`s hard to get out-of-town. I mean, I had to drive at least five miles an hour to make it to 61, then I could only drive 30. Just rough.”

That’s exactly why the National Weather Service placed the Greater Memphis area under a winter storm warning that begins at 6 tonight.

Forecasters predict waves of freezing rain, sleet and snow overnight that could leave just under an inch of ice on local roads, and almost a half-inch of sleet and snow.

That put Memphis and Shelby County Emergency Managers on alert. They issued their own warning Saturday night for people to stay off icy roads and highways, and start paying close attention to the latest weather forecasts.

“It’s important that we begin insuring the public listens to the messages that are coming out and being alert to the weather conditions. If we do get that much ice during this event we don`t want people stranded on the highways… ” explained Bob Nations of the Shelby County Office of Preparedness.

He says we should all start preparing now, and watch for developments Sunday afternoon.
He says to expect very hazardous conditions throughout the region if the current forecast holds.

Meteorologists say the oncoming arctic cold front will pack a big punch, taking our temperatures from the 50’s all the way down to the mid-to-upper teens.

In fact, as early as midnight, reports from St. Louis already indicated slick and dangerous road conditions there.

Experts say many things could change the Memphis area forecast but for now, they believe it’s likely that moisture from the south will meet that super cold air coming down from the arctic and potentially create some serious problems.


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