Police Union Threatens Legal Action Against City

(Memphis) The Memphis Police Association says it will seek legal action against the City of Memphis unless three officers are returned to the union office.

A letter was just sent to city attorney Herman Morris.

Yesterday, the head of the Memphis police union and two other union leaders were told  they must return to active police duty.

President Mike Williams as well as Essica Litthejohn and Jeff Herbison were told they will return to active duty.

According to Public Information Officer Sgt. Karen Rudolph, this “means they will be doing the job taxpayers pay them to do – serve the citizens and our community.”

The MPA however says three officers, paid by the city, have been assigned to the union office due to a Memorandum of Understanding signed in 1973.

Union members say the reassignment is due to Williams being publicly critical of Director Toney Armstrong.


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