Police Association President Talks After Clash With Director Toney Armstrong

(Memphis) There is new information on the clash between the man who runs the Memphis police department and the man in charge of its union.

Memphis Police Director Toney Armstrong announced he wanted Officer Mike Williams, the union president, charged with violating administrative policy.

This all stems from a war of words between the two men.

Armstrong is accusing Mike Williams of putting out false information about how bad crime is in Memphis, while the police department and city hall say crime is decreasing.

Williams won’t talk about the investigation against him. He’s not allowed to do that, but he doesn’t mind talking about why he’s so vocal as leader of the Memphis Police Association.

Williams told WREG, “I’m not trying to refute the numbers of the director or what they’ve put together. That’s not for me to do. However, as I go out to community meetings and I’m talking to people in the community. They’re verbalizing their fears. “

Williams has been vocal about crime being a problem in Memphis and things reached the boiling point yesterday in a meeting with Armstrong.

Armstrong announced he wanted Williams charged with verbal misconduct by the end of the week.

“I think the director is doing an outstanding job. However, I did want to point out the perception of the citizens in this city, said Williams.”

The police department and city hall recently released stats showing crime is down. This happened at a time when Williams is talking about his concerns about crime in interviews with the media and on his Facebook page.

After ten people were shot this weekend, Williams linked to a WREG story and posted, ‘crime is down!!!’.

Williams said, “I was born here, raised here, probably going to die here. So, I’m very concerned about the citizens of this city and the direction this city is going in.”

Williams says he’s aware Armstrong is still his boss even though he’s assigned to the union hall. Fellow cops elected Williams to serve as president.

“I understand the director has a job to do. There are no ill feelings with me because I just have to keep doing what God have assigned me to do,” said Williams.

So far, Williams has not received notice of any statement of charges from his boss, Director Armstrong.


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