Nine ‘Assault’ Rifles Stolen From Memphis Walmart

Posted on: 11:43 am, February 27, 2014, by and , updated on: 09:43am, February 28, 2014

(Memphis) Memphis Police say nine “assault” rifles have been stolen from a Walmart store.

The first theft happened January 27 when two rifles were stolen.

Seven others were taken February 11, but police just released the information Thursday.

Stolen were:

Colt M4 Carbine (3)

DPM Panther Arms A-5

Sigsauer 522

Bushmaster XM15-e2s

Sigsauer Sigm400

It has people worried now that the weapons may be on the streets.

One man who heard about the crimes, Jimmy Bloodsworth, said, “That’s terrible! I’d hate to run into someone that has them.”

Surveillance photos of the suspects were released, and with no shopping carts or bags in sight, people are wondering how they even got the guns out.

“That looks like an inside job or something,” Bloodsworth said while looking at the pictures. “You don’t see any pictures of the guns.”

Following the robberies, Walmart is going to extreme lengths to make sure even more guns don’t disappear. All of the gun cases and the shelves where the ammunition is kept are empty in the Cordova store.

Walmart employees said, following the thefts, all product has been pulled until a full inventory can be taken.

For some, it is raising questions as to whether stores like Walmart should even sell these types of guns.

“I mean, I believe in second amendment rights, but to have guns like that to where they can be stolen and get into the wrong hands…That’s just terrible,” Bloodsworth said.

WREG reached out to the police department to try and get a more specific description of the guns that were stolen, but did not receive a response.

A spokeswoman for Walmart said all of the guns have trigger locks on them that prevent them from being fired.

The Walmart where the thefts occured is located at 577 S. Germantown Parkway.

No arrest has been made.

Anyone with information about this incident should call Crime Stoppers at 528-CASH.

You will be given a secret ID number and your identification will remain completely anonymous. 

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  • Mom says:

    Why on earth does Walmart sell such things (have available to be stolen) in the first place?! Oh yeah, gun toten rights!!!

    • Anonymous says:

      They also sell swimming pools and hammers, each of which kill far more people. I guess these facts simply don’t matter if you happen to hate guns.

      • Mom says:

        Old and stupid argument. Show me one incident where a hammer or a pool has killed many in nano-seconds! Justify as you may…if it makes YOU feel better. Now, if these were not ASSAULT rifles, I have a different opinion. The article states ASSAULT rifles. And even still, it is my opinion that weapons should not be easily available for anyone to buy…or steal.

      • someones mom says:

        That may be an old statement, but do u really think that 1 or even two people are going to use 9 guns at one time to kill? No more then likely going to be sold for drugs or other use! Again not an assault rifle. And glass was smashed? And awkward nothing was witnessed by ANY employee! This story is a lot of BS!

      • retphxfire says:

        Don’t forget pencils…This argument (sic) only works with other zealots, you just look silly to other people. Now…show me were swimming pools and hammers were ever marketed as weapons. Show me were they were marketed that using them to kill makes you manly (like hunting and even target shooting marketing). Show me were kids have picked up a swimming pool to kill anyone.You can’t, doesn’t happen. Guns are marketed for their ability to kill, whether it be for hunting or defense – even though you are more likely to be harmed by your own weapon or to have it used against family and friends than any bad guys.

      • MissTee says:

        Derp. Yeah, hammers. Lol!

      • goodness. if you don’t understand the difference, you are one of those who definitely don’t need to own any guns.

    • Bob says:

      a) walmart does not sell Assault Rifles… (look of the definition of assault rifle) (the AR-15 civilian versions of the M16 and M4 rifles used by the US Military are _not_ assault rifles. the AR does not stand for Assault Rifle, it stands for Armalite Rifle)

      b) again gun control does not come into play here, these guys did what every other criminal will do and thats commit a crime to obtain them…

      • Mom says:

        Criminals would have a hard time obtaining if they were not EASILY available…via purchase or theft. I don’t know if one or two or three people will use 9 guns at one time to kill – or not. And I don’t care. But if you pay any attention to the news of lately, you can plainly see that crazy people are doing crazy things. IF they are sold for “drugs or other use”….those same buyers COULD BE among the crazy ones. Again, easily available to buy or steal.

      • someones mom says:

        Mom I agree with u, but at the same time its also a reason I’d rather own a gun or be able to carry one for the few bad apples in the bunch that do use those guns for ignorant reasons, I’d rather be able to pull one out and blow a knee cap or hand or brain cell out then go down hating a gun , weather they ban guns or not there will be criminals with guns or other means of killing so wouldn’t it be a better choice to learn our facts and train our children on the correct safety factors of using them and be aware? This world is going down weather we r ready or not, might as well stand up fighting, and yes I also agree, easily accessible they should have better material to keep any firearms, or weapons in general in so ppl can’t just smash glass or shoot through, they do make shatter proof glass. Of course we all have our own opinions on everything so no one will ever convince or convert everyone, but since we have to live in a world with vast crimes and in one of the top cities in the US crime is well known I just think we need to be aware instead of being blind and we should stand up for ourselves cause there isn’t anyone in this world who will he there for u other then u! Just better ways to go about this then taking away guns, from us who hunt for our food and prefer to protect our families. Taking guns away we are just going to end up under Hitlers nation if we keep letting things go the way they do!

      • someones mom says:

        Again mom I agree to an extent, and it also comes down to responsible parents, teaching our kids about guns not just they are bad but really teaching them. Hopefully parents that have guns first off let their kids know yes there are guns in our home, yes they are not toys, and also have them locked in a gun cabinet, or other place used for safety if keeping guns! Yes there is a handgun on my headboard at my home, it sleeps there every night, my kids are very well aware of this, however it is in safe places thieves, kids guns or anything else isn’t getting it while I’m jot around. Kids are extrmly curious, that’s why its so important to teach them, take them to hunters safety, take them to ranges, as they get older in my opinion its more dangerous because they know their guns at that point have handled them Nd want to show friends, family etc…. So again that’s y mine is put away, yes I also pack, but its accessible to ME not my kids. And aGain, their are certain media channels that are on air to help in taking away gun rights to make it easier for ppl to confiscate our guns. Also those facts are not based on many kids, just a few! Look up how many kids kill other ppl, or ppl with knowledge that like to hunt or just shoot for fun actually kill ppl, u will find its basically kids with no knowledge, parents who leave their guns out thinking their kid would not mess with it just reasoning in which again u keep your stuff where it belongs and those things don’t happen, then look up criminal use, killings with a weapon, u will find a whole lot more going on with it, again in the hands of bad apples. And of course there are thousands of parents who own guns and well their child hasn’tshot aanyone or been shot yet wonder why? Again I don’t believe u need to take the whole worlds rights away, I think these things should be kept, in shatterproof glass a lot more likely to deter a criminal.that goes for pawn shops as well!

      • someones mom says:

        Also Mom Its ok u don’t like guns, you r not alone, but why try to take them from the world, its simple just don’t get one, your problem is solved. Its not gun rights that cause thieves.

      • retphxfire says:

        Does it really matter if they were assault rifles or not? They were able to steal rifles in a store that is open 24-hours. Not after hours when no one around. That’s insane.

      • Skydiverc says:

        Bob, Unfortunately most don’t understand the difference. that’s why anti-gun groups coined the term “Assault Weapon” in the first place.
        The term didn’t exist until 1989 and it was done to confuse those that have little knowledge about guns. The anti-gun group wanted to ban handguns but knew that would be impossible so they figured lets pick the scariest looking gun and try to get it banned instead. Then once we get that we can move on to banning the rest.
        Thus leading to the first Assault weapons ban 5 years later..

      • Mike Dunger says:

        What? You actually expect liberals to listen to a logical argument?

      • MissTee says:

        They are assault rifles. Their sole purpose is to kill many people in short order. Assault rifle.

      • Well for some reason we can’t leave direct replies to the fake mom account. So mom. you really need to stop watching the liberal media, they are only in business to make the sheep like you all riled up for the ratings. Plus those are not ASSAULT WEAPONS, they are semi-automatic rifles. So also your arguments that they kill many in nano-seconds, then how about we ban the NAZI cops in this country, how many stories of wrong doing have you seen recently? Or actually how about lets control who have children, how many cases in the last ten years have you seen where parents or some other family member has killed children, or does that not matter to you since it was something that didn’t happen in nanoseconds. You are one of those snobby know it all soccer mom types huh, you put your faith in being protected by criminals with badges, yet want to restrict the self preservation of others just so YOU can feel high and mighty about yourself. Plus I bet you are one of those turn coat type of people that would bow down to any rule as long as you remained safe. your type make me sick.

    • MikeBarret says:

      Walmart doesn’t sell Assault Rifles. notice how the word ‘Assault’ is in quote marks in the headline . . . Just media looking for ratings.

      • Mike Dunger says:

        And using the online Merriam Webster dictionary to support their use of the term.

        “See, somebody else who knows nothing about guns agrees with us!”

      • JustMe says:

        You are correct. Wal-Mart assured congress back in 2004 that it would not sell assault rifles after the ban on them ended.
        Quote on Senator Schumer’s site:
        “FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: September 10, 2004

        Schumer, Feinstein Win Wal-Mart Assurance That It Will Not Sell Assault Weapons When Ban Expires Monday

        After Senators — authors of the original Assault Weapon’s Ban — pressed nation’s largest gun retailers to live up to corporate responsibility yesterday, Wal-Mart told them today it will not be carrying assault weapons ”

    • Freedomwasawesome says:

      6 + million legal US gun owners killed no one this year

      This is America and 3.5 million solders have died defending these “gun totin rights” and all the others. So if you don’t like it. Like I said this is America and your free to leave.

      • retphxfire says:

        There are thousands of on the road, too, who are consider good citizens. Yet we have laws about the ones who drive drunk. Most of the mass shooters were either ‘law abiding’ gun owners up to the time they opened fire or were able to obtain their guns from family who were ‘legal’. Your argument is as inane as the pencil analogy. Of the millions of owners you refer to, many will end up being shot by their own weapons, their guns will be used to kill family, loved ones or friends. They will be used in road rage, neighbor disputes or because some was texting in a theater before the movie started.They will never need them for self-defense and if they did use them they would more than likely harm an innocent bystander. They have more weapons than they could ever use. It’s only in recent history that the (conservative) Supreme Court interpreted the 2nd amendment to mean any and all weapons, not just a ‘well-regulated’ ownership. Those who died was not to defend your right to own guns, don’t be ridiculous. They died to maintain a lifestyle that included slaves, died for stupid ‘police actions’ in southeast Asia that had nothing to do with the Constitution, they died to prevent a madman from destroying Europe and killing an entire race of people, they are dying because a certain President was ticked off and nothing about their dying in the Middle East has anything to do with the 2nd Amendment. The only people who died to defend the idea of our Constitution were those who fought in order to be free of an opprosive, long-distance government. I’d be willing to bet anything that Jefferson, Adams and Franklin would be yelling that uncontrolled ownership of the weapons we have today is NOT what they had in mind when they wrote the Constitution or that any of those who voted on it and the Bill of Rights. Besides, nothing you’ve written defends negligence.

      • Mom says:

        Oh but I’ll stay…and vote. That seems to be working quite well.

      • retphxfire says:

        Go Mom! We need to keep voting. 85% of the population agree with you, not the zealots.

      • MissTee says:

        Lots of children play in traffic and never get hit by cars. You should try it. Its fun.

      • JustMe says:

        retphxfire, sorry, but the 2nd amendment doesn’t state anything about “well regulated” ownership. It specifically states that the right to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed. That means, that any an all laws that have been passed to control gun ownership are unconstitutional.

    • An informed American says:

      WalMart and no other place in the country sells “assult rifles”. By law they “assult rifles” are machine guns. The media is trying to scare you and it is working. Get smart, last year rifles killed less than 350 peole in the US where as cars killed tens of thousands. If you want to save lives ban cars. Before you reply with an uninformed response, chekc my facts, you will be shocked how the media and government is lying to you.

      • Guest says:

        Some of you are missing the point – WalMart has just provided free guns to criminals. Although they are not “assault” rifles and that was news media bs, they are still rifles.

      • George Brown says:

        That is how MPD described the guns. When we asked for exact types of guns, we received no answer.

      • George Brown says:

        Not our description at all, hence the quotes. That is how MPD described the guns. When we asked for exact types of guns, we received no answer.

      • MissTee says:

        More NRA propaganda baloney. Unless you are willing to sacrifice yourself or your child for the “freedom” to own an assault rifle, your fake argument has no merit.

      • JustMe says:

        Guest.. No, Wal-Mart has not “provided” free guns to criminals. Criminals STOLE guns form a place of business that had them locked up.

      • retphxfire says:

        No, they weren’t locked up, Its that continued reckless behavior that is supplying guns to criminals (home thefts, business), allowing children to get access, allows unstable family and friends to have access. The complacency of people that leads to tragedy isn’t just with guns, just the old ‘not going to happen to me’ attitude and pure laziness.

    • Cj says:

      1st the article lists all of the types of firearms used. One of them is a .22 lr firearm.

      2nd all of the firearms listed are semi automatic rifles. Meaning fires 1 round per trigger pull. Assault rifles are full auto meaning will continue firing as long as there is ammo and the trigger is depressed.

      Neither a hammer, a pool, a knife or a semi auto rifle kill “many in nano seconds.”

      3rd just because a reporter says something is an assault rifle or some politician try’s to redefine the term does not change the fact that these type of rifles are medium to low power semi automatic rifles no more or less dangerous because they look scary. A shotgun is way more deadly than the lot of them. Don’t believe the hype.

      4th very little crime is committed with long guns of any type. Want to know why? Go pick one up and try to figure out how you can conceal it. Those rifles are about a yard long and around 8lbs unloaded give or take. Not something the average criminal sticks down their pants to holdup a 7/11.

      5th all the widely publicized shootings that occurred last year would have been much much much worse if the shooter had used a 12ga semi automatic shotgun available for under $300.00. They will fire up to 9 shells back to back and can be topped off between shots without reloading. AR’s have to be unloaded to top of the mag. This means in the hands of someone that knows what they are doing a shotgun can maintain a constant level of nonstop fire. The features that make the AR desirable only shine in the hands of a physically weaker shooter who can’t handle a shotguns kick because of the minimum recoil of the AR or in the hands of an expert at long range because of its inherent accuracy potential of this weapon or for close range precision shooting. Given a short range closely packed target environment without the need to avoid hitting innocents the shotgun even a pump is clearly a better weapon than the ones listed.

    • They also sell knives which were just used to kill 33 ppl, better ban assault knives

      • retphxfire says:

        Hmmmm. 33 vs the number of innocent people killed each year by guns. Quite a stretch. The inane and ridiculous justifications for unfettered gun sales.

  • Sydney's mom says:

    I don’t have a problem with Walmart selling hunting rifles AS LONG AS they are monitored 24×7 by a live person and kept in a secured case/cabinet. That is my concern….what caused the breakdown in security at Walmart that allowed this to take place? Did someone “accidentally” leave the gun case unlocked? We need more info, and obviously Walmart needs to beef up its security….including at the front door of the store!

  • Terrie says:

    Geeez really? Assault rifles. This is bad but they make it sound like these were stolen from the military!
    They’ll get these guy’s but not the guns. They’s be long gone.

  • Elismom says:

    Oh the generalizations…all the acts you mentioned, every race does it and it’s no better or worse no matter what race commits these acts. Go somewhere and acquire some enlightment. Stop passing judgement when you are clearly not the infinite judge of all.

    • Elismom says:

      I retract my statement as I see Wreg has acted quickly on taking that nonsense statement down!!! Thanks Wreg!

  • Chris Williams says:

    How do you steal ASSAULT RIFLES from a store where there are cameras EVERYWHERE!? I’ve personally witnessed people get tackled by police for trying to steal candy from Walmart……let alone ASSAULT RIFLES!!! Geez!

    • MikeBarret says:

      I think the real question is how do you steal ASSAULT RIFLES from a store that does not sell ASSAULT RIFLES? Just because it’s a black rifle that fires ammunition doesn’t make it an ASSAULT RIFLE. The laws are very clear and ASSAULT RIFLES are not for sale at Walmart. Media using this term are just scare-mongering trying to rouse FEAR which attracts viewers.

      I will leave this here, the Journalist Guide to Firearm Identification:

      • realhateelvis says:

        That is why Toney didn’t give the make and model. Pure scare tactic and we know WREG loves to mislead the community. Notice how they put Assault guns and not Assault type guns.


      • Joe Bo says:

        What difference does it make how you classify guns. They all kill. The argument is not about gun classification.

      • MikeBarret says:

        I heard Toney would rather use his police powers, to file some bogus charges against someone, for “hide behind First Amendment rights” what the fzzzz…. I think it says something when the Police are fighting free speech guaranteed by the Constitution and calling it “hiding behind” their rights. Toney if you have proof of libel or slander against that man then file a lawsuit, otherwise don’t “hide behind” some B.S. charge of “verbal misconduct” trying to subvert the rights of all Americans.

      • Guest says:

        I understand that the “assault” rifle report was to gain attention, especially since the very next sentence read that the exact type has not been released. I think the worry here is that these weapons were not stolen by hunters, rather they were stolen by criminals. Which then leads the general public to assume that they are going to use the weapons to commit other crimes, which leads us to believe someone’s gonna get killed. WalMart should have a responsibility to make sure these weapons don’t get stolen and create a potential danger to the public.

      • George Brown says:

        Nope. That is how MPD described the guns. When we asked for exact types of guns, we received no answer.

  • Skeptic says:

    Not surprising that it happened there. Any time I’ve gone to Wal-Mart, there is never anyone in the department. I don’t care if they have cameras, someone needs to be there behind the counter.

    • MikeBarret says:

      Seriously!! I like to go into Walmart and saunter on over to the Assault Rifle Department. Man, never anybody there to sell me an Assault Rifle.

  • Brenda Bernstein says:

    GUNS DOWN is working. Walmart is down 9 guns.

  • someones mom says:

    I think its crazy 1 gun was stolen first off, how do u unoticibly steel 9 guns and walk out the door, sounds really fishy to me! I have seen ppl get caught over shirts, candy, and other items, but a gun is really a noticeable item to see someone walking around a store with out the door, there is usually employees near any exit, sounds Like employees would have had to he involved in this incident! Cars kill ppl, pencils mis spell words, crayons color on walls, if u don’t like guns its your own right, and when someone breaks into your home, rapes you or tour children, or some other insane act happens upon you or your family good thing u can call the police, wait on them, and let them handle that situation instead of taking care of your own business yourself! The guns didn’t walk out the store by themselves why must u hate on the weapon!

  • realhateelvis says:

    Another BS store by WREG. If these were real “assault” rifles, they would have broadcast it all over the news when it happened. Toney knew the exact model of the guns stolen and that is why he didn’t tell News. This is a scare tactic. Gus stolen yes, military assault rifle that WREG is implying, I doubt it.

    You must remember Mayor Whaton wants all guns removed from homes..

    • MikeBarret says:

      In my opinion it sounds like Toney has some kind of motive against First and Second Amendment rights of citizens but that’s just how I personally feel.

    • George Brown says:

      Police classified the guns as assault hence the quotes. We asked for the types of guns but have had no response yet

  • KW says:

    Wmc reported this story when it happened. The theft occurred at 1:30 in the morning. The locked glass case the guns were kept in was smashed.

  • kendricklamar says:

    I see hoodlums looking at the guns all the time at that Walmart kids
    that look 15ish that have no good reason for firearms other then gang related reasons.

    • MikeBarret says:

      Your nickname is not lost on me but my friend have you never gone hunting, to track an animal and slay it, to learn to properly field gut the animal where legal or convey to a processor otherwise, then enjoy the meat you have personally hunted.

  • Sally Smith says:

    I am surprised that this does not happen more often. The guns were not supervised AT ALL at the Walmart on G’town Pkway when I was last in there. NO ONE was even working back in that area. When I asked about the situation, no one seemed to care.

  • Will says:

    Dey be gettin ready fo dat ghetto lotto!

    • MikeBarret says:

      Well there is fo sho that $20 “Black” ticket. You can buy with cash you changed out from EBT cards.

  • leslie says:

    Im sure it will come.out as an inside job in the long run

  • thehood says:

    I don’t understand why this is coming to light now. The weapons went missing on 2/11 and now we find out about it. Why didn’t MPD post the pictures of the thieves after it happen instead of waiting now? Memphis,
    Memphis, Memphis. They are more worried about keeping crime hidden so we won’t look so bad to the rest of the country.

  • mr.matt says:

    this guy is Charles Barkleys long lost white cousin….this is turbull , dang knuckle heads stealin all the guns from walmart….turbull turbull

  • Jeff says:

    Wal-mart sells beer and alcohol kills more people than guns. The fact is that the media keeps labeling these rifles as assault rifles. Mine have never assaulted anyone. If you know anything about guns the bullet is the same diameter as a .22. They try to paint a picture of these guns to make them as if they were rocket launchers or that they are automatics. I love the anti’s arguing about things they have no clue what they are talking about. I’m a firm believer that the only way to stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun.

  • tnhawk says:

    The problem is not people stealing evil guns, but evil people stealing guns.

  • Huge Peter says:

    Brenda I have to say good one on your comment. Well done.

  • Sickofcrickets says:

    Crickets just doin’ what comes natural,,,savage animals..

  • Well, the criminal looks like Obama’s son… if Obama had a son.

  • polo solo6 says:

    Work it like a job! Keep your guns, most likely will be stolen in your so called time of need.

  • Got some rifles stolen? Gosh thats terrible. How much was the worth? I know how bad that can be After was YOUR wheelchair broke and hurt me, when my atty. contacted you about the incident you told them “there is no incident report”. Funny as one of your managers came out that day where I “lay”, while “your “employees” showed great concern and tried to make me as comfortable as possible, and took an incident report there on the spot. Not to mention as it happened right in the entrance where I had to wait for my wife to get the car and bring it up for me to get into. No incident report and what?? No video?? Amazing is it not. Bet there was a video had I stolen something wouldn’t you???? But you denied it, hid it, and left me with the bill for medical costs as well as endure a great deal of pain. A shame a theif got to you. I suppose Karma thought you def have it coming to you. While you act like a victim I cannot help but to how you were the “bad guy” in lying about the incident and denying the incident report ever was taken. Is it not funny how the managers on duty when I called to ask about your intentions knew EXACTLY who I was and what had happened. Seems you too are criminals now doesn’t it??? don’t worry, Copying this before this “report” disappears as well and reposting so others know. Wal-Mart are criminals too!!

  • Get Real says:

    Gee, George, you call yourself a journalist? This happened on Feb. 11th and you accepted that answer? Did you even think to ask him his interpenetration of an assault rifle?

    I couldn’t figure why you were listed with Kate as the reporters. Next time ask her. I’m sure she can correctly educate you, being a military brat,

    It is all about the ratings, not the truth.

  • Skydiverc says:

    If you don’t know exactly what type of rifle was stolen how do you know it was an Assault rifle?
    Oh yeah it just HAS to be an ASSAULT rifle, got to be a big headline. Who needs the facts?

  • Bigboi4201 says:

    There Ya go another perfect example how Criminals don’t obey the law when it comes to Gun Laws. But what you don’t get is Our awesome government trying to guns away from law abiding citizens that might stop a crime or killing with one of these weapons(Which is not an ASSAULT RIFLE by the way) That’s a name the media gives it to make the AR-15 type weapons sound scary to the sheeple that eat it up! Molon Labe!!!!!!!!!

  • Joanna says:

    I can see concealing and walking out with handguns, but how in the world do you walk out with nine assault rifles and not be noticed by any of the employees as well as the customers. I used to work at walmart and they used to be very dilligent in catching shoplifters. they would walk around and shop just like any other customer and catch people. they used to be very good. what’s happened? also their surveylance cameras and their security was like something out of NASA. This store must not be updated.

  • jrs1972 says:

    Oh panic, it’s “assault rifles” even though a “hunting rifle” has much more killing power.

  • Mike Dunger says:

    I really didn’t know that Wal-Mart sold weapons that fit this description:

    Military firearm that is chambered for ammunition of reduced size or propellant charge and has the capacity to switch between semiautomatic and fully automatic fire. Light and portable, yet able to deliver a high volume of fire with reasonable accuracy at modern combat ranges of 1,000–1,600 ft (300–500 m), assault rifles have become the standard infantry weapon of modern armies. Their ease of handling makes them ideal for mobile assault troops crowded into personnel carriers or helicopters, as well as for guerrilla fighters engaged in jungle or urban warfare. Widely used assault rifles are the U.S. M16, the Soviet Kalashnikov (the AK-47 and modernized versions), the Belgian FAL and FNC, and the German G3.

    Yes, I’m being sarcastic. They DO NOT sell NFA class weapons. But hey, why would a left-leaning propaganda spewing political activist perform actual journalism and tell the unbiased truth?

  • says:

    strange comments that don’t reflect real issue … we are all caught up in this drama and forgot article.. Wal#$$ I don’t shop there really!! this monopoly of a store is what is killing America and the stock holders are laughing all the way to an off-shore bank.

    • Proud Walmart Shopper says:

      Thanks for letting us know we won’t be seeing you there. I would hate to run into a momma’s boy and have to kick is azzzzz. Now back to the basement for you.

  • Wait! They all had “trigger locks”!! well.then.

  • That makes 15 (!) assault rifles stolen from Walmart display cases, just in Tennessee alone! Walmart, why do you continue to sell guns when you can’t secure them? Not to mention the 81 shootings that occurred in your stores last year! See more here:

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