Dad Left Kids Alone At Home While He Sold Marijuana

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(Memphis) A dad left his toddler and baby at home while he went to a drug dealer.

Adam Gaia is now behind bars now, but Wednesday he was at Oak Court Mall, where Memphis police officers were tipped off he would be selling pot.

According to a court affidavit, officers found more than two pounds of marijuana on Gaia at the mall, and later found more than nine pounds in his possession.

They arrested him and took him to jail, which is when they found out the situation was even worse than they thought.

Police say when they were interviewing Gaia when he told them he left his 8-month-old and 2-year-old at his home on Ivy alone while he was out selling marijuana.

Police arrived and found the kids all by themselves, who were unharmed.

Authorities then called the children's mother and uncle to take care of them.

"People are dirt bags. There are always dirt bags around," said Roger Arango, who lives across the street and saw the whole scene unfold.

He knew something was up when two unmarked police cars raced up to the house with the little girls inside.

"One of the cops kind of flashed him so he turned around and came back and they took off down the street."

According to police records, Gaia was very open with officers and was willing to tell them anything they wanted to know.

He said this isn't the first time he's done something like this, and he usually sells about two pounds of marijuana a week for around $4,000 a pound.

In addition to drug charges, he's also facing aggravated child abuse charges.

Gaia's bond is $70,000. He's expected to face a judge Friday morning.


  • Hard Truths

    This poor guy is trying to support his family with the only remaining free-enterprise business left in this country.

    LEGALIZE. LEGALIZE NOW. Every day that goes by is an injustice and a disgrace. People KNOW marijuana should be legal. They have seen past the government’s lies.

    BOTTOM LINE: Any judge or prosecutor or cop who pursues marijuana cases today, in 2014, is guilty NOT of an innocent intellectual error, but of a vicious, culpable MORAL failure. And we should treat them as such, no matter what their rank in the judicial system that has become a subsidiary of the private prison industry.

    Any decent cop, judge, or prosecutor should say — TODAY — “No, we aren’t taking anymore of these bullfish marijuana cases”.

    I’d make an exception for fools who smoke and drive.

  • tigrenoir

    Just goes to show how dangerous the influence of pot really is. The legalization of pot will put even more idiots out on the streets.

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