Customers Upset ABC Waste, Inc., Isn’t Making Scheduled Garbage Collections

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(Shelby County, TN) More trash troubles for angry customers in Shelby County who are unhappy with the service they're getting from ABC Waste, Inc.

The company, located on Old Millington Road, is behind on collections because of personnel problems.

We first told you about the company's problems in January. Back then, ABC Waste said too many trucks were out of service.

But we're still getting calls from people complaining they haven't had garbage picked up in a couple of weeks.

They tell us the company's excuses stink.

"There for a while it was great service. I mean you couldn't ask for anybody better. And now, all of the sudden, it's gone to hell in a hand basket," said Chris Dowdy.

Dowdy lives in the Rosemark community. He said his hopes for dependable service from ABC Waste have gone as flat as an empty trash bag.

He said his phone calls aren't being answered when he wants to know why his trash isn't getting picked up, or why his father has to pay $45.80 a month for no service.

"If I was running my business like this, I'd like to tell my customers what's going on," said Dowdy.

Christy Davis lives a few doors from Dowdy and said a walk down her driveway is like going to the garbage dump.

"That's about all the smooshing you can get," said Davis as she tried to close the lid the ABC Waste container.

Davis wants someone at ABC Waste to wake up and smell the garbage.

"When it's full after two weeks, I mean, this is what you get. You can't close it and it's stuck at the end of the street with people that come by and animals, cats and dogs," said Davis.

She said her trash has only been picked up three times since December and was determined Thursday to get some answers from ABC Waste.

"I called 27 times today in a row. Every time I got the voicemail, I hung up and just kept calling," said Davis.

Davis said she was shocked when a lady at ABC told her there had been major personnel problems at the business.

"She said that on Monday, she didn't say how many or if all, they had just not come in. They had just all walked out and quit," said Davis.

A worker at the company on Old Millington Road did say three drivers left for various reasons.

The worker also said the company was doing everything it could to catch up on garbage collections and had hired some replacement drivers to work Saturday if necessary.

Davis said the promise is too little too late.

"I shouldn't have to call for two weeks straight, over and over and over again,  like a crazy woman,  to have my trash picked up," said Davis.

We were told the owner of ABC Waste would call us about the company's garbage collection issues, but we haven't heard from him.

A worker did tell us that customers will have their accounts credited as a result of missed garbage collections.


  • nick gerz

    no its a white trash company, i cant get them on the on the phone to cancel, my service im going to have to go to their office to stop the money being being taken from my bank account for nothing!

    • Get Real

      After seeing your white trash remark, I hope you have to continue to pay.

      This company has worked our area for years and the customers, that use them, have no complaints. Why is that”

    • eagleeye

      N & N Trash Disposal Inc

      N & N Disposal Inc

      61 Big Painter Extension Road
      Saint Marys, WV 26170 – View Map
      Phone: (304) 684-5613
      Found this on google

  • Anne Tomlinson

    Awful company! The trash is my neighborhood has not been picked up in over two weeks! All the trash cans are overflowing, and ABC can not be reached on the phone, their voice mail has been full for over a week! What is ironic is I received a bill in my mail today. WOW! I am thinking the company could be in the process of filing bankruptcy??

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