Southaven Police Promote Crime Tracking

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(Southaven, MS) Stephanie Bell just moved to Southaven from Southern Mississippi and says the big city crime of the Memphis area makes her a little nervous.

Yes it does. I have two teenage kids, so yes it does.”

Southaven police do a better-than-average job of keeping track of crime in their city, and they want people to know what’s going on around them.

”The more you know, the more you’re gonna look out for things,” explained Southaven Police Chief Tom Long, whose department has been working for a few years with the website to do just that.

Long believes checking the website makes for more vigilant neighbors and prospective witnesses.

"You check the reports the next day and see oh my goodness there was a break-in down the street, then you remembered seeing a car in the neighborhood twice that you wouldn’t have called and reported.”

Crime information goes to the website almost as quickly as it comes in.

The information on comes directly from the reports that come to Southaven dispatchers, and what’s more, the information gets updated every four hours.

Long says another big benefit from the site comes in proving to people what’s not going on in their neighborhoods.

"You probably, as well as me get a lot of calls, ‘Hey do you know there’s a crime wave going on, they’re breaking into every home over here in the area’ and you go online and see that’s just not true.”

Long says the site is easy to use, and there’s even an iPhone version Bell says will have a place on her home screen.

"To see how bad is the crime in the area I live in and the area that I work and I enjoy exercising so I would like to know, you know, what’s the crime rate around the area I exercise.”

She says with knowledge about crime, she can exercise better judgement about staying safe.


    • Mph Pride

      Well for one thing we do know why Mississippi Police is using it. Kinda like throwing rock and hiding our hands

  • Say What !

    some people need to rehearse what they say before they say it. “Stephanie Bell just moved to Southaven from Southern Mississippi and says the big city crime of the Memphis area, makes her a little nervous, ” If she came from southern MS. and is so nervous about Memphis crime funny that she move to Southaven. Now to me that proves she wasn’t that nervous because Southaven but up against Memphis. I think she just repeated some BS that she heard. Ms. Stephanie Bell you can have a seat cause your few mins of fame just end.

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