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Program To Help Families Eat Healthier

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(Memphis) Obesity in toddlers is down across the country.

A new government study shows over the last ten years it dropped by 43 percent.

The CDC says between 2004 and 2012 the obesity rate for children 2 to 5 dropped from 14% to 8%.

It dropped slightly for 6 to 11 year olds, from 18.8% to 17.7%.

Health experts sat educational programs appear to be helping.

Baptist Germantown Rehab recently received a three-year grant from the state of Tennessee to fight obesity.

In January it launched  'Club Get Fit'  to teach elementary students and their parents how to choose the right foods and in the right portions.

" We have this little model and it has things they can relate to like a computer mouse  the size of grains and pastas you should have," said Susanne Gentry.

Gentry, registered nurse, says they don't want kids growing up on diets, but are trying to teach them how to eat healthy for life.

"You are going to lose weight and, hopefully, keep it off and also prevent other disease from high blood pressure to heart disease, cholesterol problems and type 2 diabetes," said Gentry.

'Club Fit' is a free 12 week class.

The next class begins in the summer.

For more information call (901) 757-3428.