Missouri Mom Wants Sex Offenders Castrated Or Killed

Donna Roesle

(CNN) A Missouri mom, whose daughter was killed, is pushing for tougher laws against people who commit crimes against children.

Donna Roesle started an online petition after the murder of 10-year-old Hailey Owens in Springfield.

Roesle wants convicted offenders ,who prey on children, to receive the death penalty or castration 30 days after the crime.

Donna Roesle said, “I think anyone who takes a young child, innocent young children and grabs them for no reason at all and rapes them, murders them or anything, I feel like without a doubt once they’re convicted of the crime—-that they should have a death sentence and castration. Immediately? Immediately!”

More than five thousand people from around the country have signed the online petition.

Another 300 have signed the written version.


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