Mississippi Lawmakers Right To Refuse Legislation

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(WREG-TV) The struggle over gay and straight is still hard for many people in Mississippi to talk about.

Pastor Rick Sayger of Colonial Hills Baptist Church says their faith tells them marriage is between a man and a woman only.

"Our stand is not based on our opinion, but on God in his word."

It's a belief shared by many in the Magnolia State.

A House subcommittee, however, voted to remove legislation recently passed by the state senate that critics said would have given businesses the green light to discriminate against the gay community by denying them services if a business owner felt it caused a religious conflict.

The bill was said to be even stronger and further reaching the one proposed in Arizona that's sparked outcries from supporters of equal rights from around the world.

The Arizona governor vetoed the legislation Wednesday.

Mississippi senators voted unanimously in support of the bill.

But Senator Davis Blunt said on Facebook he wasn't aware the bill allowed discrimination, and that he's opposed to discrimination and was already working to remove it the legislation

Sayger said it's a tough position to be in.

He said his church, like the founder of Chik-fil-A, doesn't support same-sex marriage

But making rules about who can and can't be served when they hold hands or are together, well, that's harder, and Sayger said his church shouldn't be anti-anyone.

"It's polarizing, it causes people to say it's anti this or anti that. I hate those words. I really believe that people who struggle just want to be loved, want to be helped, want to be reached."


  • eden

    This sets Mississippi back 60 years! I am disappointed by this law being considered! I am also ashamed that I once (briefly)attended this church, but not surprised. This is a church that is hiding it’s Baptist roots to attract more member$, but practices it’s principals! Once I realized the hypocritical nature of this church, I never returned.

  • Jeremy

    As soon as that phrase “God says so” is used, then religion starts shoving their fairy tale beliefs onto others. What can one expect from state that has most fat butts in it?

  • hatersaremotivators

    Glad to see the economy is so good in Mississippi that the businesses there can pick and chose who they sell too. I just wish they would employ all the residents that drive (really slow and poorly) to Tennessee every day.

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