Lane Widening Of Sam Cooper Boulevard To Impact Thousands

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(Memphis) Road construction planned for one of Memphis's busiest highways will impact the daily commute of thousands.

Lane widening on Sam Cooper BoulevardĀ is a $100 million project years in the making that is adding time to Memphis drivers' commutes every day, at least for now.

WREG learned when you can expect to start seeing changes.

TDOT District Operations Manager Michael Welch said, "A section about 3,000 feet of Sam Cooper that runs through the interchange will be closed down to one lane starting March 15."

A driver who takes that route every day to get to work said he is far from happy to hear the construction will be starting, but is not surprised.

"It's just something we're going to have to deal with," David Schuster said. "As the population gets higher, we're going to have more lanes for more cars."

Starting in as early as two weeks, that commute could take even longer.

"It's just going to make it more dangerous and little bit of a longer commute for me," Schuster said.

Right now, one of the city's busiest highways has two lanes going in each direction. That will be cut down to one each as Sam Cooper is widened.

"Once that is complete, which will probably be this fall going into winter, traffic will be shifted to the outside where the inside can be constructed," Welch said.

Meanwhile, David said as frustrating as road construction is, he sees it as unavoidable and ultimately, necessary.

"Really, our commute here is nothing compared to bigger cities."

Phase two of the construction project will include the replacement of the Wolf River Bridge.